4 February 2014

Have you ever noticed the bubbling comment section at each vegan/vegetarian post on blogs? Even when the blog hardly gets any attention, one such posts always get the haters inflamed. Yes, that's what it is about - the haters. I guess I'm in need of some blog traffic, so here I go. Fingers crossed.

So you come across a post on the web that doesn't suit your liking. Why do you have to stop, add a ton of mean comments and just deny the author's right to have any opinion? Moreover, you resort to insults, you question their sexuality and try your best (or worst) to put them down.

Let's talk about the frustrations and hate-ridden hearts of the anti-vegetarians!

[Awesome vegan food is awesome]
they are everywhere, from humour sites where they make totally illogical and bad jokes on the topic to comment sections where vegans or vegetarians would just discuss their own stuff. They hunt for them. God forbid if you stopped eating meat and you are explaining why! Science doesn't matter, studies don't matter, real and valid experience doesn't matter. You were indoctrinated to eat meat and you have to start a jihad for this matter! You have to show how angered you are that vegetarians dare to live in a different way than you do! also, how dare they tell you what's better for your health? When your mommy told you to take an aspirin or whatever because you had a cold, I bet you threw that back to her face, yelling how you don't take advice from anyone! Go ahead and stuff yourself with meat, because there can't possibly be any connection between this and low energy levels, liver toxicity, cancers of all kind, dangerous acidity levels or cradiovascular disease, right?

It's too complicated to use your brain and actually THINK. Those people swear that letting go of meat made them healthier and more agile. You still swear that eating meat is good - simply because it's a slow killer, it doesn't do you harm on the spot. It's just like smoking.

An anti-vegetarian insulted someone because he didn't quite understand how eating meat affects teeth. Well, of course the anti-vegetarian didn't bother to think of the digestive process, of what teeth are made of and of how acid in the meat depletes calcium and other minerals from bones and teeth! It's just too difficult for these haters to think of it, eh! Too complicated of a process... science is complicated indeed! So, he resorted to HATE - even to calling the vegetarian gay and whatnot.

This is the message you are sending out to the world:

"I'm too much of an idiot to let others live the way they want and talk about it! I can't stand people who are different than me! I need them to stop, so I can feel good about myself... without having to change a thing about myself, because I'm too lazy!!"

There are plenty of examples of science and thinking intolerance on the web. Also, there is the hate towards the animal lovers. Yes, animals have a NERVOUS SYSTEM (and you'd better learn about that!) that allows them to feel pain. Plants don't. this is why your argument with how "eating salads is cruelty to plants" is absolutely stupid and will never be valid, not even as a joke! In addition, not being aware of animal suffering makes you a cold-blooded psychopath (just take a look at any murderer's history and you will understand why you resemble them and not the good people).

Also, if you are anti-vegetarian or anti-vegan you probably still believe in Santa Claus. How's that? Well, people like you are still hanging onto myths like "meat has the proteins we need" and "we can't live without meat". Take a look at monks who live well beyond 100 years to this day - they don't eat meat! Sorry dude, science has evolved and now we know there are loads of other protein sources which give us EXACTLY the same aminoacids found in meat, minus the acidity and the toxicity! Oh yeah, I forgot you don't believe in meat toxicity, just because it doesn't kill you on spot.

Do you think I'm being mean? Let me remind you that you started. Long ago and for way too many times. You are absolutely passionate about the topic, you wouldn't miss an occasion to bash a vegetarian, to insult and to be aggressive. Of course you wouldn't understand that this aggressiveness you're showing is also a side-effect of meat consumption... you wouldn't understand how that works!

Ohhh yes, keep on closing your eyes to all evidence out there that proves we don't need meat! Keep pretending that all those vegan bodybuilders simply don't exist! ;-)

 (now please go ahead and insult me, because it's far easier than looking for the evidence!)

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