7 October 2015

We've got this Britain First hashtag trending and originally it's supposed to be a wake up call to see the invasion for what it is. Not the immigration but the invasion but alas... the distinction isn't easy to make when you're a leftist.

Well here it is, it's about the lefties after all. All I see on that hashtag is the angry, hateful, intolerant left side spilling insults (with its usual complete lack of arguments) doing what it knows best: to attack those who dare to be different. Oh, you dare state a different opinion? You dare point out the real logic and a true situation? you deserve a bitchy, senseless, ridiculous comment from the pissed off leftists.

Just have a look at the comments and see it for yourself. Don't be an ignorant leftie covering their eyes and ears so they can keep all evidence away. Go on and have a look. You will see the hatred leftists have for anyone who dates to think differently. You will see how they're demonizing them. See how angry they are when their lies and propaganda are failing?

Liberals, as they constantly prove it, are just like the communists - they only tolerate those who perfectly agree with them. even saying "I agree, but..." is too scandalous for them. They can't take criticism or any different opinion. They will insult you, demonize you, chase you away and try to completely eliminate you if you dare to say otherwise. It's plain to see who they are. In the name of fake tolerance, they do the exact opposite and shout their half-truth with such nerve it's ridiculous. Bedsies, most of these are too young to have even known basic history.

6 October 2015

There's this generally accepted idea that skinny equals privileged and few people get to speak the truth about it. Also, there's the much worse part about this - when people feel entitled to bring thin people down, because "they're already privileged and have it better than the rest."Let's have a realistic, most honest look about what it really means to be skinny and see what such people put up with from their oh-so-loving and so kind fat buddies.

They always make ridiculous assumptions

People won't think you were born like that. They'll just quickly assume that you're either this or that and it's always going to be something negative and shameful.They'll never take into account a fast metabolism, the thyroid, stress, depression and anxiety, nor disease. They'll assume you're skinny on purpose.

You're a slave

Yes, if you're that thin you must be a slave to this social construct of the ideal body image, you're torturing yourself in order to look like society wants you to.

You're doing it for the men

Obviously, you want to please men and be like those cover models, whom are all photoshopped anyway. You're starving yourself for others.

Of course you're starving yourself

I mean, how could you achieve that? Everything is fattening, even water and air, too. So how can you be that skinny? Poor creature, you're refusing a life of joy to look like that and do the society's game...

You're on heroin

Yes, we've heard that too. Us, skinny people, must be drug addicts, because how else could one look like this?

Do you even eat?

They have a hard time believing you've actually discovered the existence of food.

It's easy for you to climb the social ladder

Actually it isn't. when skinny is paired with beautiful, guess what. Women will be jealous of you and shut all open doors in front of you. Men will want to take advantage of you and will only see you as a piece of meat and will also shut all the doors for you if you refuse them. It is exceedingly difficult for a pretty, skinny woman of integrity to have a blooming career, unless it's a career that actually calls for such looks.

Because everyone sees you as privileged, the opposite happens: they leave you behind, they push you away, they take advantage of you, they hamper your progress.

This is the reality out there and skinny is rarely privileged. There is always harsh judgement and many lies being told about you. There's always a wrong assumption. Some people show appreciation, while others do anything they can to get you down, to stain your reputation, to make themselves appear as genuine and better human beings.

To understand whether homeopathy is s scam or an actual science of healing, one should have an honest look at the existing arguments. I summed up some of these already - you can read the first part here.
As with all other things, homeopathy can be tested and analysed through logic means. Experiencing can be rather difficult, since it takes great skill and patience to find the right remedy for each case. This is the main issue with it: homeopathic remedies are in great numbers (hundreds) and only one fits one particular case. Therefore, it can be extremely hard to find the perfect match - which is why homeopathy may appear to 'fail' at times. Anyhow, let's proceed to some more argumentation.

I assume you believe in your mobile phone. Well, that's because you already tested it and you've seen it work. Let's pretend though that I've never seen, nor used a smartphone before. You own one and I'm wondering what on earth is that device.
So what does it do?
"It lets you call people, you'll hear them talk, it lets you navigate the Internet, read, watch videos, find any information you want, play games...", you say.
Wait, hold on... You're telling me this little rectangular box, almost as thin as a match, can do all that?
But how can all that stuff be inside of it? It's small. You can't even put a CD in there. How can an infinite amount of information be in there? How does it do, does it being or capture people inside so they can speak to you? What kind of sorcery is that? Are you aware that it looks like sorcery to me, since I've never seen one before?
"Well, it's not like that, it's based on electronic circuits and it can display the information..."
And what is this information? Is it made of thin air? You're speaking of sorcery again. I'm opening the case of your smartphone. Hmm, all I see is plastic and metal... Are you telling me that this little rubbish can hold so much information? It's only plastic and metal after all!"

See what we have here? It's the same conversation that goes on between a homeopath and a skeptic. The skeptic is simply ignoring how information works - even now, when information technology has come to such an extend. If a sorcery like that is possible, then why does it come so hard to understand homeopathy, when it's based on the same principle?

"It's only water/a sugar pill", skeptics say.
So? Your smatphone is just plastic and metal, yet it can accomplish so much and 'extract' infinite information from the ether for your use.
A homeopathic remedy is nothing but information extracted from a substance, attached to a solid or liquid, palpable material. 

This is how it can work like an antidote or even a vaccine, but more on this later.