7 October 2015

We've got this Britain First hashtag trending and originally it's supposed to be a wake up call to see the invasion for what it is. Not the immigration but the invasion but alas... the distinction isn't easy to make when you're a leftist.

Well here it is, it's about the lefties after all. All I see on that hashtag is the angry, hateful, intolerant left side spilling insults (with its usual complete lack of arguments) doing what it knows best: to attack those who dare to be different. Oh, you dare state a different opinion? You dare point out the real logic and a true situation? you deserve a bitchy, senseless, ridiculous comment from the pissed off leftists.

Just have a look at the comments and see it for yourself. Don't be an ignorant leftie covering their eyes and ears so they can keep all evidence away. Go on and have a look. You will see the hatred leftists have for anyone who dates to think differently. You will see how they're demonizing them. See how angry they are when their lies and propaganda are failing?

Liberals, as they constantly prove it, are just like the communists - they only tolerate those who perfectly agree with them. even saying "I agree, but..." is too scandalous for them. They can't take criticism or any different opinion. They will insult you, demonize you, chase you away and try to completely eliminate you if you dare to say otherwise. It's plain to see who they are. In the name of fake tolerance, they do the exact opposite and shout their half-truth with such nerve it's ridiculous. Bedsies, most of these are too young to have even known basic history.


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