26 December 2011

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Let's call our ordinary reality Level A, and the astral plane - Level B. With practice, will and discipline, anyone can tap into the astral plane. Once gotten there, most people believe that "this is it", that's all about it. "This is the other side". The problem is that there is much, much more to "the other side". There is Level C, Level D and who knows how many more..... We stop at Level B, however, because we are used to black-and-white thinking - this is black and this is white, this is this world, and that is the other world.

Channelers, lightworkers, magic workers and all the like (plus ordinary spiritual wannabes) are convinced that by following some simple techniques they can tap into the infinite power that is being held away from the crowd. Funny thing, enough of these people believe in an intelligent, loving divinity. Why would such divinity make this power unreachable in the first place?!
Anyhow, by various means of training, we can obtain experiences that are out of the ordinary, such like manifesting wishes as realities, telepathy, lucid dreaming, remote influence, out of body travelling and more. These are achievements, needless to say. But absolute achievements? No way..... When getting in contact with what seems to be spirits from the other side, divine entities and other forms of higher existence that seem to be wiser than us or offer some kind of information/service, nothing is actually a guarantee. Would you rely on simple trust? on the messages that you get? The simple and pure reality is that YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS THERE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO OR WHAT ANSWERS YOU.

Not all astral plane beings are divine. Not all are good. Not all are at the level we wish them to be. Getting into the astral is nothing but exploring a different kind of jungle. You think you are sure of what you're getting, but there is no kind of guarantee.

Working on the astral plane, like making use of the "law of attraction",  being involved in occult spiritual practices and using the power of thought and emotions are one and the same with magical work.Church had a good reason to forbid magic, although it makes use of it/teaches it itself (easy to see in the "ask and you shall be given" part). If one is insufficiently prepared for magic works, then the result cannot always be good. It is a too risky business and a too long road to master the forces. It is better to forbid it than to risk countless irresponsible actions and disasters. Many are the ex-'wizards' and 'witches' who acknowledged that their work was calling for the worse and gave it up, bewildered at the unexpected and continuous trouble.

This is why Christianity forbids such spiritual practices. It knows very well that humans stop once they're "on the other side", once they think they have gotten into the divine plane where superior, good-willed spirits reside.

Those who ignored this wisdom have become lunatics who think they channel wise spirits, who think they "communicate" with Archangel Michael, Virgin Mary or with some exotic spirits/entities that would sound pleasing to the ears of those sick of tradition...

8 December 2011

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Just a comment from a reader on http://healthybliss.net/jerry-hicks-has-cancer-will-leukemia-chemotherapy-affect-the-future-of-abraham-hicks/ , consequent to Jerry Hicks' death:

Thomas says:
"I know that anyone can provide evidence for their beliefs. Was it’s main intent to give hope ? possibly. does it work for everyone ? no. In some cases like mine it can cause harm, so even though I explored the concept I never fully agreed with it. Does it mean I have ill feelings towards the people that support this, no, the methods ? At one time I did and it took quite a few years to get past.
One of the most challenging things for me to get past was my childhood. I don’t consider myself to be a victim, but listening to the loa experts sent me in the wrong direction. I can’t get that part of my life back that was wasted following this nonsense.
I can fully understand why people do buy into it. Life has many challenges and we’d like to think we have the all the answers, somehow that knowing gives us peace.
Life happens, and the only control we have is our reaction to the challenges we face. I think to myself, thank god I didn’t give up searching for a better way."

Later on, he continues:

"Thomas says:
Its a good thing I’ve made a habit of questioning many of the things i’ve learned since exploring this field. In my own mind I wonder if abraham even exsists, or is it simply the ramblings of a schizophrenic woman who claims to have a direct connection to information no one else has ? No one knows for sure. Yes I’ve heard it all when it comes to this law of attraction, but no one knows anything for sure. The conflicts arise from the meaning that is given to the events.
As an example in this case the only thing anyone knows for sure is that Jerry died. Everything else aka the meaning, is simply a story thats being told, a meaning that people are making up in their minds."
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This subject is a tragic one, so in no way I'm going to treat it disrespectfully or ridicule any aspect of it. The matter is a crucial one and, given the common sense, I cannot help but ask this: what would you do if your spiritual teacher would fail exactly his own teachings? What would you do if your solid beliefs would crumble down under the weight of an undeniable events?

Lots of people worldwide faced this situation when their mentor, Jerry Hicks, was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia), rushed straight into chemotherapy and eventually died. It is not of my competence to say what kind of person he was. I could hold no hostile feelings towards him, knowing he aimed to empower people and save them from ignorance, negativity and helplessness. It is, however, shocking and strange to find out that the Law of Attraction guru, who preached that we can all avoid any trouble in life - illness included - because our thoughts and attitudes create the reality, got such a terrible disease. Cancer is not a cold, you don't just get it like that. Moreover, if you happen to get it and you believe in the law of attraction, you try first to improve your health by correcting your thoughts.

Among the articles commenting his death, there was one that proved me the gross ignorance of some of his followers. The author had remembered that Hicks had never mentioned the importance of healthy diets. Therefore, he probably relied solely on the power of thought, but harmful food killed him. This is where common sense, reasoning, science and whatnot come in: aren't there countless people on bad diets, some of them getting cancer and surviving it? Yes, they do, and even when their illness had been seriously aggressive, they managed to win over, even without the help of positive thinking. And if you wish, look at the happy optimistic people. Many of them, indeed, never get ill. Our inner world does decide a lot regarding our health. Then, what is the secret? What makes certain people become ill and others stay healthy, when their lifestyles are clearly not the cause?

What makes it look like we are all taking part in a Russian roulette? Most fans of Jerry Hicks will never ask what in the world has happened, what led him to die of such illness. Maybe they do things right for themselves, maybe they don't.
The truth can be found out only by going beyond, and beyond again. As I said, I couldn't go into Jerry Hicks' existence and soul to tell what were his real 'colors'. However, I can conclude that was not doing everything right. To claim that absolutely everything in life is created by the person experiencing it is a gross exaggeration, an insult to natural laws, to human rights and to all creative powers above us (nature, God, Universe). Although at some point it makes perfect sense, this is only inducing a fake idea of responsibility and a terrible ignorance of every human being with the same rights around us.

People who believe in the unseen, like Hicks and his followers, are supposed to grasp the concepts related to the invisible universe. Mere observation of things that happen in life tells us to accept that we are not the only creators of our life. No matter how much we struggle to be the pilot of our own plane, many events we wish to control are simply not in our power. These do not invalidate, however, our divine capacity. Yes, we were made to resemble our Creator, but acknowledging this does not equal with taking the place of this divine authority. LOA freaks tend to have this kind of logic: "God made me like Him, I become God, therefore I don't recognize God's authority". Well, the last part obviously contradicts the first one! It is often forgotten that, in the case we are meant to become one with the divinity, it happens after death and not during life. If it was so, at least one person in humanity's history would've become a god by now.

Jerry Hicks was not necessarily wrong in his teachings. However, if he did not know the whole truth about how the world works, his cancer would be easily justified. Ignoring one single aspect of the truth leads to lie and failure. Hicks was probably seeing himself as an all-powerful god, completely ignoring his actual role in the universal hierarchy. The truly life-giving and empowering spiritual traditions speak of the secrets of health and happiness, but in relation to a humble attitude, unconditional love, lack of greed and so on. Their most determined followers have defeated pain, torture and many physical limitations, also reaching to help others. Only the opposing ones have placed importance on catering to the self only, accumulating possessions and focusing only on the now. Giving names is useless...

If you are still unsure of my point, take a look at what the wife, Esther Hicks, is preaching:
"At a recent seminar (Jerry Hicks absent) Esther was asked by a concerned mother what to do about her young son who refused to share toys. Nothing, Esther advised. The child was "in alignment," tuned into his toys by the law of attraction.
The mother then said that it worried her that her son was also kicking their cat. No problem, says Esther, don't interfere. The cat is teaching him."

Attendees at this workshop paid $200 a head to listen to this "spiritual insight" on "the leading edge of thought." Online attendees got to pay $75 to stare at their screens to for a couple of hours of Esther Hicks wisdom.

Enough said. The blind will remain blind.