26 December 2011

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Let's call our ordinary reality Level A, and the astral plane - Level B. With practice, will and discipline, anyone can tap into the astral plane. Once gotten there, most people believe that "this is it", that's all about it. "This is the other side". The problem is that there is much, much more to "the other side". There is Level C, Level D and who knows how many more..... We stop at Level B, however, because we are used to black-and-white thinking - this is black and this is white, this is this world, and that is the other world.

Channelers, lightworkers, magic workers and all the like (plus ordinary spiritual wannabes) are convinced that by following some simple techniques they can tap into the infinite power that is being held away from the crowd. Funny thing, enough of these people believe in an intelligent, loving divinity. Why would such divinity make this power unreachable in the first place?!
Anyhow, by various means of training, we can obtain experiences that are out of the ordinary, such like manifesting wishes as realities, telepathy, lucid dreaming, remote influence, out of body travelling and more. These are achievements, needless to say. But absolute achievements? No way..... When getting in contact with what seems to be spirits from the other side, divine entities and other forms of higher existence that seem to be wiser than us or offer some kind of information/service, nothing is actually a guarantee. Would you rely on simple trust? on the messages that you get? The simple and pure reality is that YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS THERE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO OR WHAT ANSWERS YOU.

Not all astral plane beings are divine. Not all are good. Not all are at the level we wish them to be. Getting into the astral is nothing but exploring a different kind of jungle. You think you are sure of what you're getting, but there is no kind of guarantee.

Working on the astral plane, like making use of the "law of attraction",  being involved in occult spiritual practices and using the power of thought and emotions are one and the same with magical work.Church had a good reason to forbid magic, although it makes use of it/teaches it itself (easy to see in the "ask and you shall be given" part). If one is insufficiently prepared for magic works, then the result cannot always be good. It is a too risky business and a too long road to master the forces. It is better to forbid it than to risk countless irresponsible actions and disasters. Many are the ex-'wizards' and 'witches' who acknowledged that their work was calling for the worse and gave it up, bewildered at the unexpected and continuous trouble.

This is why Christianity forbids such spiritual practices. It knows very well that humans stop once they're "on the other side", once they think they have gotten into the divine plane where superior, good-willed spirits reside.

Those who ignored this wisdom have become lunatics who think they channel wise spirits, who think they "communicate" with Archangel Michael, Virgin Mary or with some exotic spirits/entities that would sound pleasing to the ears of those sick of tradition...


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