8 December 2011

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Just a comment from a reader on http://healthybliss.net/jerry-hicks-has-cancer-will-leukemia-chemotherapy-affect-the-future-of-abraham-hicks/ , consequent to Jerry Hicks' death:

Thomas says:
"I know that anyone can provide evidence for their beliefs. Was it’s main intent to give hope ? possibly. does it work for everyone ? no. In some cases like mine it can cause harm, so even though I explored the concept I never fully agreed with it. Does it mean I have ill feelings towards the people that support this, no, the methods ? At one time I did and it took quite a few years to get past.
One of the most challenging things for me to get past was my childhood. I don’t consider myself to be a victim, but listening to the loa experts sent me in the wrong direction. I can’t get that part of my life back that was wasted following this nonsense.
I can fully understand why people do buy into it. Life has many challenges and we’d like to think we have the all the answers, somehow that knowing gives us peace.
Life happens, and the only control we have is our reaction to the challenges we face. I think to myself, thank god I didn’t give up searching for a better way."

Later on, he continues:

"Thomas says:
Its a good thing I’ve made a habit of questioning many of the things i’ve learned since exploring this field. In my own mind I wonder if abraham even exsists, or is it simply the ramblings of a schizophrenic woman who claims to have a direct connection to information no one else has ? No one knows for sure. Yes I’ve heard it all when it comes to this law of attraction, but no one knows anything for sure. The conflicts arise from the meaning that is given to the events.
As an example in this case the only thing anyone knows for sure is that Jerry died. Everything else aka the meaning, is simply a story thats being told, a meaning that people are making up in their minds."