26 March 2011

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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy with its inventor, Gary Craig, helping veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
A simple and accessible method, which some struggle to coin as placebo, is getting results in some of the roughest issues. Anyone can do it at home, without paying fortunes on visiting therapist and without engaging into endless digging on past trauma. Needless to say, this also means freedom from all evil drugs they impose on patients.

Watch the documentary here:


13 March 2011

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In my readings I came across a story - I don't even know if it's pretended to be true or not; I see, however, that apart from its fun and fantastic nature, it holds a very wise and useful teaching to pass.

The story begins with the annoyance of a demon over a monastery of nuns. He was playing tricks on one of them, so that she would drive all the other to ill feelings. They began blaming her for all kind of evil doings, which were not true. But, in her deep humility, she never argued by defending herself. Instead, she accepted all accusations. However, she decided to fight on her own. So she set a trap for the demon, caught it and bind it with the power of faith (ordering his binding in the name of God). I believe the details are not necessary. Then she gathered all other nuns to witness; the prisoner devil was tortured and screaming for release. The nun promised its release if they would sing together a song in praise of God. The demon eventually agreed and proceeded, and sang with an angelic voice. However, he could not go on with telling the actual words of praise - "Lord, have mercy onto me" (by which he would admit the rule of God and cross the satanic oath). That's when the nuns praised it for singing so wonderfully, admiring its unearthly voice. In the moment when it was pushed to say those words by the 'brush of his ego', it immediately turned into an angel of light and soared to the sky.

Now, if we just don't go into questioning if any such story would be true or not and if we strip it of its "fun", then I guess we discover the actual truth in it, in its wise teaching. That nun was surely following the will of God, the dogma, and all else you can think of in religious terms. But she was also using the weapons of her enemy: being cunning, smart and... tricky.

After all, what was before Satan was Lucifer - the wisest and most beautiful angel of all, the closest to God. The light bearer. Those gifts, he still uses... but he uses them for evil, for his own ideals and needs. If Satan is known as sly and cunning, it doesn't mean we have to stay away from using those gifts. It would be self-sabotage. It is wise to know exactly who your enemy is and what weapons he uses. Otherwise, it's just blind confrontation. Or maybe no confrontation at all.

12 March 2011

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The territory of human relationships is where most drama occurs, and where some of the most tormenting things happen. One of them is the paradox of pain and love. Sure, some will immediately disagree here, as true love cannot leave any room for pain or other negativity. That's exactly what I want to discuss about - the part in which love and pain coexist, because 'love' has not found its way to completeness, or because of certain weaknesses.

The most common pattern is to place blame on the other. For those who engage in the blaming process, it may never end, as it is very difficult to trace back who was the very first to do harm.

In closeness,  it can be almost impossible to trace such, because the common channel is so strong, that any harmful approach (it can be about work, family, social status, health - anything that upsets one person at a given moment) will be felt by the other. This one will mostly react to it, but without knowing what it was and where it was coming from. It's the reaction to a subtle change in energy. If taken personally, the 2nd individual will add their own share of negative energy. This, in turn, will affect the first one, who is already vulnerable. The loop is created, until one finds the power to make a shift, to meet the negative changes with a deal of positive energy (love, support, openness).

These situations are very common ones, and because extremely few people realize what (and why) is actually going on, they experience upset, pain and separation.

It is of great harm to speak badly of someone, especially to tell it to their face and ESPECIALLY to tell it to those who are very close to you emotionally... because the strong common channel will transmit it immediately and it will manifest as a reality.

We've seen this many times: a stranger saying a bad word to us because we parked our car badly or any other mundane thing will have no or very little effect on us. But a loved one expressing a negative feeling will be an upsetting, if not a crushing experience.
Now, this reality is up to the strength of the receiving person. If they are strong enough, they will guard themselves from your attack. If they are in a weak or receptive phase (receptive is highly probable) they will absorb the negative thought pattern and WILL BECOME what it guides them to be. That is the very tricky part, where the 'accuser', the self-created victim who has labeled the other as harmful, thinks of himself as righteous to consider so, ignoring any of his contributions to the current state of affairs.

The first solution is objective detachment and a very good investigation of the subjective issues.There has to be a rough and realistic investigation of cause and effect, cause and effect, tracked to as far back as possible. If it is very hard to do or impossible, then simply take the current situation. With the knowledge of how you got into the loop, you can escape it. Just make the shift, bring a healthy approach in order to raise the quality of the energy in the relationship! When reasoning and anything else hasn't worked, the gap can be cleared by giving the only things ever needed in first place: attention, support, affection. Do not push them onto the other, just make them genuine. Refuse any further downfall and be there, where you want yourself and the other to be. If you climb down the stairs, you may drag your beloved ones too. If you climb them up, they're very likely to follow.

11 March 2011

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I invite you to watch one of the well-done and truthful documentaries put there... maybe better than those you've seen so far. Click the link and go through all parts that you find there: HIJACKING HUMANITY

Also, you might love this: 

Excerpts: The downfall of the Rich Corporate Elites comes from what they regard as their biggest strength – Their “Satanic” Ego Worshipping fills them with so much hubris that they feel their plan is fool proof, and that most people are too dumb to wake up, realize it, and take constructive action.
A “deeply troubled” Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor to Pres. Obama and former Pres. Jimmy Carter) is reported to have said, “The only thing I truly fear is a global awakening of mass consciousness”.

The Banksters have a long history of Ego-Worship under various names (Satanism, Luciferianism, Baal Worship), but they look at themselves not as Creations of God, but as Gods themselves. By making Humanity worship Their creation of worthless Paper Fiat Money, the Banksters seek to be “God Creators”, as if Lucifer created God! 

Interesting facts about the Jews... watch it...

More useful and amazing info:


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I spend today's morning with a sudden return of anxiety condition. Practically, a state I haven't had in many months. It brought along an intense lethargic feeling, which I haven't experienced since at least 4 months. This instantly reminded me of how it used to be back then, in autumn, when I could barely handle the daily chores because of the sleepy state I was in... I blamed it on the changing season.

Think about it, many people experience the so-called seasonal depression or the exhaustion when spring/autumn sets in. It is not a depression in its real pathological meaning. The symptoms include weakness, fatigue, being sleepy and sad... though the change is for the better! Yes, I hear most of them saying, "But I LOVE spring and I couldn't wait for it to come! Then why am I feeling like this...". Doctors give the simple explanation of the season and the nutrition. Taking a deeper look, we see that there is indeed a great change in nutrition, in the daylight we receive, in the temperature that surrounds us. The body simply needs adjustment to such... And how does it do it? It is the subconscious that does it. It regulates all physical functions and more.

However, while we are awake and alert (the beta state, that is), we cannot be into a state of relaxation and allowance (the alpha state). Meditating is tapping into alpha, which is the gate to the subconscious. Alternative healing also happens in alpha.

What happened to me today is that I allowed and finally used my 'sleepiness'! I was aware enough to guide my thoughts through it and impress positive feelings into my subconscious mind. In a very short time I was free of my anxious feelings and had a lot more power to go on. That's when the 'click' was produced. For so many months my subconscious was sending me the message that I must let it do its job in order to heal me from my anxiety and outbalance.... What I did was to force myself awake and alert - the opposite, that is. I didn't let my secret intelligence (that we all have inside) do its adjustments in the alpha state. Moreover, I was actually letting negative thoughts impress all levels of my mind, which was eventually effective, because they were using the gate to come in.

I am absolutely aware now of the self sabotage I was doing. When we need proteins, our subconscious send us the message through a craving - we feel like eating meat. When it needs minerals, it makes us drool for fruits and vegetables. When our energy does down, we feel like resting or sleeping. We are not aware of what happens inside with the food, for example. We can't see if it's still in the stomach our look into our intestines to see where it got. But we can feel an empty stomach and a desire to eat. And we don't mistake it for any other need, because we know what our body is telling us.

We only need to listen to the message from within and to see what it may ask from us. Then, once this is done, we must offer nothing else but what is needed and beneficial. That would be the positive thoughts and visualizations, along with our time. The rest will be done by itself - we are well programmed on a certain level. It will heal us and move us forward.

10 March 2011

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We've all heard of holy books, of secret texts and codes, high knowledge, hidden manuscripts etc. Cryptic or lost tongues, bizarre imagery, obscure symbolism, challenging form of expression are common to all the original ones. In a world that's in desperate need of enlightenment, it seems like a crime that such useful, life-saving knowledge would be kept away or designated for the use of only a few "chosen ones". It is not that unfair, after all...

Much of the precious information was already discovered throughout the time by the dark leaders of the world, the evil doers. If  ALL such information would be in their hands, the war would be forever lost. Thus, in order to prevent the misuse of absolute weapons (in the form of universal laws, principles), they must be encoded and kept away from everyone, including the masses of simple people. This is exactly the reasons why all scriptures of the world are so complicated, almost indecipherable, hermetic. That is the reason why they are holy, too.

If the evil elite wants to keep humanity in respect for something, they make it accessible, understandable and seductive. For their goals, it would make no sense to encode their weapons, declare them holy and then just expect people to do the worship on and on, for thousands and thousands of years... especially since the masses wouldn't understand much of such things.

My view over what has been going on through the history of mankind, in simple words, is as follows: starting with the idea divine knowledge existent into our world - the good and the bad guys who started fighting to win over this planet also began the pursuit of these ultimate secrets. Each group with its goals. The good elite encrypted the knowledge to be passed on to future generations in a manner that would make the information available only to those who would fit their goals... meaning the ones who would seek the good, the divine etc. Thus, it is clear nowadays that something like the Bible or the Book of Thoth are extremely revealing to the believers, while the skeptics only find them to be stories full of manipulation, vague ideas and delirium. It has always been like this and will keep being this way. It's one way of how the law of attraction manifests.

The great majority of people exhibits pure ignorance (it is very hard to say this without sounding superior, but it's just how things manifest out there...) and if the secrets would be revealed to them, the consequences would be like this: 1. they wouldn't understand them, because they stay ignorant; 2. they will start using them in a harmful manner. Never heard of yoga practitioners who went mental, who ended doing more harm to themselves? Does that make yoga in itself harmful?
Or, one can try to absorb all good knowledge available (and, luckily, there are more and more people of this kind), but if they start telling others about it, even their closest ones, they would probably end up behind a locked asylum door. The majority is simple unable to receive such information, because it was programmed to believe the very tangible things, the immediate survival and to ridicule all that is uncommon and not so available.

9 March 2011

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Positive thinking all over. Power of thought, the hidden god within us, divine consciousness, unconditional love, the higher self. You create your world. Such concepts have started to appear everywhere we look, trying to solve the deep crisis of mankind in our times. With them being widely spread, not many people can complain they could never know. And many of us know, and some of us use the knowledge. Then... why don't we witness spectacular changes? Why some of us still complain, question, wander and even deny?

I think it's because we can barely get the force, understanding and determination to make the changes of patterns permanent. We don't understand that it takes tremendous time and effort to become one with the newly discovered knowledge. Persistence, endurance, faithfulness.
It is not enough for one to be convinced of the truth of a principle. Soon, the old patterns kick in - those patterns that we inherited from countless manipulated generations. It takes long enduring therapy to replace them, or... surgery. Well, surgery is done by a brutal opening of what normally stays closed, it implies direct intervention and a lot of blood flow. Yes, there can barely be any surgery without blood. I hope the metaphoric meaning of this is easy to see... For example, in a lot of 'brutal' interventions of a therapist/psychologist to heal a patient, the patient will firstly be forced to access all the pain inside, to get it all out in the open, feel it and cry to the limit.

In most cases, an 'enlightened' person will stick to the discovered truth at the level of their intellect. They will even enlighten other people too and everything will be smooth and pretty until a disruptive element, a challenge of sorts will come their way. In their conscious minds, they will still be convinced that they follow the good, chosen path.

Have you ever heard people saying that, whenever faced with another's bad attitude, "It's not what I want in my life"? Or similar phrases, like "I'm not in resonance with your behavior", "I do not support your thinking" etc. What they say is not wrong in the first instance. They try to teach the other person the good way. But what they actually do is to run away, to turn their backs not only to the other person, but to themselves too. One who is aware of his mind power and inner divine consciousness will know that, in such situation, they have to keep on creating their reality, the outcome. If the man in front of you is giving you an unpleasant experience, sure you must spot it and reject it in itself (disagreeing). But why forgetting of your own transformational power? BE what you want to experience. Show what you want to receive. Prove what you believe in, instead of keeping it at an intellectual and sterile level. When running away, there is no way one can be that. Moreover, it ruins the entire world view that the person supported, which will lead others to perceive it as something fake. One who preaches the benefits of being positive and loving but not manifesting them, will not convince others of any such benefits. This, in fact, will only push them further away into negativity.

So, the 'positive person' not only didn't get the desired reality, but they actually made it worse by themselves.
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I am not going to discuss whether reincarnation is true or not. This is beyond my possibilities of knowledge for the moment, and this might be valid for most human beings, at least.
There simply is no proof yet that reincarnation exists. Just like in the case of other spiritual beliefs - no objective proof that would please anybody and convince them.

However, here is what I've come to notice: instead of other doctrines and spiritual beliefs, people prefer the one of reincarnation. They have no proof of it, but they truly like believing it. So why is this happening?
Reincarnation talks about the perfecting of a soul through several lives in the earthly plane. When perfection is reached, the soul is welcomed into Nirvana, the state of plenitude, ultimate bliss and freedom of all suffering. If one is not quite perfect yet - no problem. They still have a few lives ahead to make it right. What a convenient escape, isn't it?

It is no tragedy that one didn't find the right way yet. Next time they come on earth, they will have different surroundings, different people to deal with and other kind of experiences, that will allow them to see things better. It's alright, you can be a complete idiot in this life. You will fix it in your next one.

Also, reincarnation is great in explaining the unexplained connections between people, the "love is blind" moments, the failed relationships, the hate for no reason. "It's a karmic meeting!", they shoot. "We were close in a past life, that's why" or "He must have been my enemy in a previous existence, that's why we hate each other now". Do you see what all these are hiding?

It's pure cowardice. Those who refuse to deal with all things in just one life will never make it better. They replace responsibility with something that may be pure fantasy. Now, I have nothing against people who might have experienced past regressions or any other things that might have brought them the conviction of past lives. Some experiences can be very strong and logical. I have no intent to fight such experiences of one's subjective world.

What I clearly see is, however, that:
Reincarnation is the perfect excuse for those who can't take real responsibility for their lives and the connections they establish with other people.

They are looking for excuses and are enjoying this one terribly much. These people have a hard time in getting their act together and give themselves endless chances out of their own imagination, refusing to believe that what we have is here and now.

I'm not looking into the reasons for believing reincarnation or not, I am only looking at what this belief does to people.  The fantasizing around the issue has taken enormous size. When I found on the web an article about numerology and reincarnation, I just laughed and cried for how pathetic it all became. It said that numerology can help one know which one of his 9 lives is the current one. I calculated for myself and got an 8. "Ooh, sweet!", I said to myself, indulging in a ego pat. Then I calculated for different people I knew, and got numbers from 1 to 9. Well, 1, as they said, was supposed to be the number for those folks who don't believe in anything spiritual and just live by their senses, while 9 would show the most enlightened ones. To my surprise, my test showed much the opposite. I got complete atheists as 9's and very spiritual people as 3's or 4s. Enough said. Anyhow, just like Christianity has its hypocrites, other systems of belief have them too.

8 March 2011

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I am not going to go into many details... I rather prefer to illustrate what there is to see with valid examples. It is up to you to do the rest - thinking and concluding. Those who are already interested in this controversy have probably watched some of the documentaries on the web, where they analyze all kind of aspects, from the useless and overused ones ("Christianity placed its feasts over the pagan ones!") to the not so obvious aspects. Anyhow, some of them are to be taken with a serious amount of doubt and reason... like the claim in a certain production, otherwise an interesting and quite serious one, that the Blood of Christ is a mimic of menstrual blood in pagan traditions, which also signified Life. Anyone with a sense of decency (if not truth) will remember that menstrual blood is mainly used in witchcraft in love spells, a form of black magic, and is also 'prized' by satanists, which use it to reverse and to mock the symbols of the liturgy. This is not to deny that such blood wouldn't have meant the force and gift of life. That, however, has nothing to do with its meaning in the holy liturgy: it is the descent and sacrifice of the 'god' (a totally different ancient concept) and its communion with the man himself, it's the divine blood that washes the sins. All these before the giving of a 'new life'.

My example today is from my immediate experience: the orthodox church service.
Let us take a look at what happens...

It is not a private service, it involves a compulsory gathering of people - this is the "church", often mistaken for a senseless flock of sheep, brainwash and manipulation. I don't deny this, however. It's up to each individual out there what they make of it. But I rather see in this gathering the consciousness that All is One, and One is in All.

The orthodox liturgy involves a hypnotizing rhythm, a slow and steady one, which generates the alpha state and sometimes theta (I felt it myself many times). Certain types of prayers are very repetitive. The lighting, the smell and sound work together. At some moments, the priest's speech is overlapped with the choir's singing. For many times, there are several voices and layers of sound, some of them being very, very low. They generate vibrations that can be felt within the body. It is almost like throat singing. It is inducing a trance-like state.

Incense is used, but not only as the symbol for the ascension of prayer to God. The fact that the church condemns the burning of herbs and other 'pagan practices' is only a modern rule which serves the harsh elitism. However, it may also serve to keeping the weak ones away from straying, from going to the very negative sides (very few of us are actually aware of the dangers along the way.. each way...). Therefore, it was safer to declare that such practices are against true faith. But... the orthodox faith still keeps such practices. The priest smudges the entire space, filling every corner, passing every object and person through the purifying smoke of the incense. None will ever have an explanation for this, perhaps. Only the folk wisdom, that says, "It's for chasing away the bad spirits..."

Candles are always used. Not just for being there, not just for reminding of a deceased one. They are lit up at key moments and in various, fixed places. Every 'wish' of the faithful has to be forwarded in the company of a lit candle. This goes well in harmony with the extensive use of candles in Catholic faith.

The funeral rites are far more complex. I cannot even try to go into this now, because for most of my life I refused to consider them necessary, and today I'm afraid I still don't know them too well. They are surely complex and full of bizarre thinking. Probably the most intriguing part is the obsessive smudging of the body and the grave in the first days after death. The dogma doesn't really give an explanation, I'm afraid. At least not to the simple folks. But the ancient traditions do: it is to prevent the possession of the body by the wandering entities, "spirits" that may have an interest in dwelling it.

I am sure that people still remember the funeral of Pope John Paul II in 2005. Along with the other priests doing their ritual, there were the ones of the Eastern Church as well. One could see the contrast at the time of their mass: their long black coats, the smoke of incense, the way that dark gathering moved and sang in a mystical tone - it was like a scene from another time, another world. A circle of enigmatic wizards in the middle of the Western world.

If your idea of Christianity revolved only around the rigid Catholicism and the cold Protestantism, then maybe it would be interesting to take a look at the rites and teachings of the Eastern Church. You will find a side that it's a lot more like magic and mystic...

Note: Eastern Christianity did not have crusades. It did not have any form of Inquisition either.

7 March 2011

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"We all have the reality we make by ourselves" is no longer a queer statement. The new age 'teachers' out there try their best in explaining and proving how the power of our thoughts leads to the creation of our reality. To a certain extent, psychology supports that too. It's not always a mystical concept or approach, but it can be a very grounded one as well, simply by observing mere facts. Yet it raises many questions and endless quarrels, like I've come to experience myself.

Isn't it more like water circles?

The critical point in my view is: to what extent do we actually consider reality to be our own creation?
Is it 100%? In this case, it perfectly validates the idea that each of us is a god. A god in his own world. Perfectly isolated, since that 100% leaves no room for anything else. Human interaction is thus meaningless and absolutely futile. Even more, we play no role at all in other's well being, since they are 100% responsible for what they have in their lives. It's no maths, just common sense. Whatever we chose to do, it will not interfere with other lives. Therefore, why would we need a life with human interaction and with all that sentimentalism, involvement, duty, loyalty etc? Also, we can throw away any spiritual idea about oneness and about the connection of all living creatures. Or human creatures, if you wish.

Personally, I find a horrendous aberration this 100%-thing. This is not even directed by one's choice of  spiritual or philosophical beliefs. As I said, it's common sense. Or pure, easy maths, if you wish so.
In a certain article I read about Stephen Covei's 90/10 rule. Definitely a decent, meaningful one! 10% is for what happens to you in life. The 90% signifies how you respond to it. One can't control the 10%. One can't control, for example, a flight that will be late. But they can act foolishly and negatively, thinking they will miss a job or a meeting, arguing with everyone on the phone, causing themselves illness because of the anxiety and so on. In such situation, the harm extends to those in contact with such person, if their defenses are down. The family will feel hurt, they will withdraw or act upset in return, the colleagues and boss might lose trust and be suspicious of that person... But if the troubled one faces the problem and deals with it consciously, on the spot, he will eventually realize there is of no use to be stressed. And everything else has chances to remain the same, undisturbed.

So what about the 100% and its supporters? Oh, you think there are none...? I'm afraid I have to contradict that, as I've met a few. I can't answer why they like to believe it so or why they prefer to lie themselves, and enthusiastically spread it to everyone. I can see, however, that it serves them very well when they have to defend themselves. And blame others. "It's what you made of it!", they throw in the other's face. "It's your problem", says the admirable believer in a reality shaped entirely by his will and actions. Empathy suddenly appears to be a concept that never existed... These are the people who are not moved by the pain and tears of others. Those who won't understand the condition of emotional trauma or weakness, mental illness or anything related. The betterment of other's lives are a concern totally out of their world.

Put these people next to the truly caring ones. The first ones only live for themselves, naturally. The second group will prefer to search for hidden fault in themselves, at least for making sure they haven't caused any harm anywhere; and they are the most likely to actually do something for the others, instead of sterile phrases about how one should be aware of his total control over what happens. Total control? Seriously?

On to another level, it's good to teach one to fish instead of just feeding him with a fish. But is it still useful to teach fishing if the man in question has no hands? Or if there is no water nearby? Better teach him first how to cultivate a vegetable... And maybe one day he'll grow some amazing crops...

Yes, I do believe we are responsible for what we have in our lives, especially when we are aware and able to choose how we respond. It's a terrible exaggeration, however, to say this responsability covers everything.
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This is one delicate topic, and very broad too. It goes to the conspiracy theories out there and it touches everything we've been taught or all that we've gotten to see as 'natural' and true. It is not of my competence to reveal what is going on there at the large scale, because there are already several theories with their followers. There are documentary movies that take it step by step (The Secret, Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda...) and... oh, beware here! This is how we actually get into our topic:

...There are more and more "revealers of turth" out there, filling Youtube and the whole web. Believing them all is believing in some truth, but in much scam also. They teach about quantum jumping, discovery of the higher self, raise in consciousness, power of thought or, on another side, about the world politics, the conspiracy behind 9/11, the fake economy crisis, the new world order etc. On top of it all - about FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM. It is the word that sells nowadays! Buy them by saying "freedom" and the "freedom seekers" will fall at your feet, letting you tie them in chains easily!
Now, some of us are well aware that some things they claim are true... And here is what they do:
They give us truth. Yes, they do. But only part of it. They liberate us from the bad patterns of thinking, from ill prejudice, they save us from the social slave condition. And, of course, we buy it. It feels good to wake up to the real reality, and it makes perfect sense! But oh, how we fail to see that there is more...

Since the old system of religions is failing, they now decide to give us a terrible picture of its failure and initiate us to the "world religion", the new holistic spirituality that will enhance all our existence, that will make us become superior beings. Well, I do not stand against such spiritual ideas, but these will solve nothing in the hands of the unprepared people (remember that in many ancient times, the true religions, the "mysteries", were only for a closed group and not for the population mass, because the mysteries=true knowledge was considered dangerous). And how many of us are actually ready to implement such ideas? So, it is plain to see what they do. They replace on old way by giving something that only appears as freedom... but that something is meant to make people even more distracted... They won't see what is going on around them, but pay attention to their "inner, spiritual growth". They will forget  their brothers in the world, because they focus on the self and the inner god. This only leads to separation and to better implementation of the evil schemes of those in lead.

Since I mentioned religions... - when the old, controlling paradigms don't work, offer them a new one: tempt them by giving freedom of all religions! Reveal the old control scheme and bring in a new one!

The principle is a very simple one.
Give people the illusion of freedom, and they will blindly follow you.

Freedom is, to many of us, the greatest gift. That who can offer it, becomes a sort of god.

Let's illustrate it with a very mundane example of psychology, which is tested, proven and is working in countless situations everywhere: when a woman wants to seduce or keep a man, she does a very effective psychological trick. She pretends total self control and total empathy, offering the man the type of freedom he is not likely to find anywhere else. She usually encourages him to do "all manly things" (like watching too much football, drinking lots of beer with the guys, watching porn etc.) or even gives him sexual freedom. Automatically, he will be convinced that she is the best, because the others don't give him such freedom. It is the effect of creating distance, as well as of using one's psychology to your advantage. It is also giving freedom when you actually want to limit it. Therefore, the controlling woman will benefit from the mask of kindness, empathy and understanding. Instead of "Don't do this, don't do that!" which would repel her man, she will do the opposite. The result: her man won't feel the need for affairs, for hangout with the guys, because she offers him perfect understanding. He will be willing to spend his time with her. and yes, that happens for the very reason that freedom is very dear to him. And understanding too.

The same thing happens at greater levels. Companies, corporations and governments give us wonderful opportunities from time to time. As we are hungry for benefits, we will gladly go and pick them. And, being pleased for the moment, we won't feel the need to look any further. We allow them to make their secret moves and to take over, turning us into their slaves. Happy and willing slaves, however! Or, better said, unsuspecting.

In my country, its very poor areas were not long ago a very good place for the porn industry. Child porn, especially. The tricky but kind Western perverts would come to the countryside and lure kids with the simple gift of a... chocolate. Yes, it was that simple to trick a poor child, who barely gets any such sweets. It was not all for the sake of porn industry, however. The simple perverts were using this method for their own sake, because it was too complicated to fool the kids in their advanced countries, where they wouldn't be tempted by chocolate and where they probably already had a bit of basic social and sexual education. A better known example of such trick is to give to young and desperate people of less developed countries exactly what they need: the promise of a job abroad. They already know that foreigners earn better and live better. They crave for that status and lifestyle. And that's how countless young women got our of their countries - not for a decent job though, but for being eventually forced to prostitute. An undeniable reality.

The method will keep on working with great effectiveness, at more subtle levels... It works everywhere. It gets even smart people to fail and become slaves.

Note: what is 666 (or 616)? It's what the Revelation tells that will be accepted by most people, the stigmata of evil. And... those who won't accept it won't survive in the material world. They wil need it. Therefore, whatever this 666 will be, it will grant a benefit. Here, physical survival. But in fact it will only grant death in the end... So, no matter how one takes the word of Revelation, I'd say it shows exactly how that trick operates...

4 March 2011

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The world holds, as common knowledge, several substances that can do harm in certain amounts, but which, in smaller doses, can bring amazing benefits and cures. In the green realm, hemlock is well famous for being poisonous, but so is wormwood, if constant doses are left to accumulate for too long. A substance such as alcohol is, as we know, dangerous. However, when drunk in just the right dosage, it relieves stress, relaxes tense muscles, stimulates good mood and creativity. Once this dose is crossed, the positive effects disappear and the negative ones take over. Very negative ones, and there is no need to develop any further (one starts acknowledging "feeling bad" before they ever know how the neurons and liver are affected). Still, the alcohol is used as a vital means of creating real cures, for real healing. We are talking here about the tinctures. Some very useful compounds in the herbs can only be extracted by alcohol, and boiling, oil infusing, burning or any other method won't work. The immersion of herbs into alcohol is gold mining - and it gets the gold out of it for sure. The resulted tinctures are never to be taken carelessly; because the obtained drug is very potent, one must take only a certain number of drops at once. This is one example of pharmakon, a reality observed since ancient times...

The Greek work pharmakon means, at the same time, remedy and poison. It is an even more interesting fact that is also translates to sacrament.
Here, the story gets a little complicated, but it goes into the territory of anthropology - which is never simple. In ancient Greece, it signified scapegoat too, as seen in this ritual and its meanings: an outsider or outlaw (or more) were being chased away, punished, possibly killed, in order to expel evil from the community. It was the transfer of sins, so to speak, the rite of purification, which exists in all sacrificial traditions. In this case, the pharmakos is the balancing element, the one that will take all harm out, to leave the community purified and safe. He is a cure. He is good and evil, all in one. Note that the ritual was carried out in the times of disaster and great distress - meaning the disease that asks for a cure which holds both life and death within itself. Since it knows both, it is greatly potent.

Today's pharmacology is also derived from the term... and the art. (Yes, today's pharmacology is not really a cure, but it does a great job in inoculating poisons slowly, so they will kill in time and never to soon so that it becomes obvious. This is another great example of the pharmakon concept - this science in itself is neither good, nor bad. It depends of how it is used to become one or the other!) Also, it was a base principle of ancient, medieval and renaissance healing, as well as of magic works. The sorcerer was a pharmakeus.

What I like the most about this whole thing is the concept and the ultimate reality of "right measure". It is the core of the great spiritual systems.
The right measure is always dependent on a great number of factors, and it is advised that none of them shall be ignored. For taking a medication, one needs to take into consideration his age, weight, sometimes gender (due to the different masculine-feminine hormone profiles), activities, metabolism and so on. There is nothing predefined. We may see "the right measure" not as a fixed number, but as a number that varies from person to person, from moment to moment, a calculated and living one, the result of a complex formula.

Countless ideas can be further developed from the pharmakon and the right measure. In spiritual thinking, pharmakon is everything we have in this existence - it is all we can use; only our free will and other endowments (reasoning, feeling) decide what it becomes. In terms of measure, too little action becomes laziness, too much of it turns to exhaustion or dangerous transgression.  Anger is unhealthy when suppressed, but it is very damaging when expressed in most ways - therefore, when dealing with it, I try to remember what Jesus said - He advised to not let the sun set before our anger does. So, He did not condemn anger, but drew the attention on how to deal with it. It is an invitation to acknowledge all our emotions, to take them as temporary things and to overcome/heal what is harmful. Also, healing techniques of the East advise us to allow our emotions to come through, to accept and not resist them - resistance and denial only make them worse. Today's hypnosis along with past regression, as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) use the same principles.

This is a very vast topic, as you can see. There are many thoughts to pick from this point on, but this post is already too full and long enough. Let your mind explore them, for they are so many...
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It is interesting how the humans, all throughout history, have been these creatures to desperately wonder and seek for something beyond, for something unseen but which connects to their terrible feeling of incompleteness and nostalgia. What is there, beyond, is not the subject of this post though...

Nowadays we tend to see the various spiritual doctrines as isolated cultural products, specific to certain areas, isolated in their limited circumstances, thus ignoring the many coincidence points, similarities, even common origins or, on another hand, amazing synchronicity and their continuation in time.

The purpose of spiritual traditions seems to have always been: to achieve a higher existence, to connect to the eternal and the never ending, to abolish all that causes suffering. However, due to the incompleteness of humanity and to many corrosive factors, such as time and diverse manipulation, most common ground has been split apart and many vital connections are lost. That is how we got to have different, often conflicting spiritual traditions. But all it takes is for one to see the common essence and goals, regardless of the ways and imagery. As long as people tend towards a form of spirituality, it is still better than living in ignorance.

The chakras are "gates" between the astral world and the physical bodies, in which the chi (life) energy or prana activates vital principles. The same energy circulates through body meridians which start in the brain, and the whole system is under the influence of the nature of our thoughts. Breathing is the process directly linked to the flow of chi.

Orthodox monks master breathing techniques that almost no one knows about. They also practice fasting, with amazing results. Also, deep prayer alters their brainwaves to those experienced in very early infancy. A prayer done right is the passing into another state of consciousness, with its specific brainwaves - and, therefore, possibilities and results.

Modern science proves that the thoughts in our brain determine various frequencies and those modify the chemicals and the functions in our bodies. Everything is connected because everything is vibration.

Gregorian chants and the throat singing in exotic traditions held such vibrations that they could instate certain frequencies, good for insight and healing. Today, these secrets are used by science in brainwave technology, as a very efficient alternative therapy.

God only had intention and word to create the world. It's the weird, misunderstood, folktale-beginning of the Bible... or is it not? Intention/will is the first force, the consciousness within, while word is nothing else but vibration (it is common knowledge that the sounds we produce and form as words come from our vocal chords, and they are pure vibrational phenomenon). The creation of the world is the result of specific vibrations, as it clearly comes. With the help of science itself, the Bible now doesn't seem so much fantasy and fairytale anymore...