9 March 2011

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I am not going to discuss whether reincarnation is true or not. This is beyond my possibilities of knowledge for the moment, and this might be valid for most human beings, at least.
There simply is no proof yet that reincarnation exists. Just like in the case of other spiritual beliefs - no objective proof that would please anybody and convince them.

However, here is what I've come to notice: instead of other doctrines and spiritual beliefs, people prefer the one of reincarnation. They have no proof of it, but they truly like believing it. So why is this happening?
Reincarnation talks about the perfecting of a soul through several lives in the earthly plane. When perfection is reached, the soul is welcomed into Nirvana, the state of plenitude, ultimate bliss and freedom of all suffering. If one is not quite perfect yet - no problem. They still have a few lives ahead to make it right. What a convenient escape, isn't it?

It is no tragedy that one didn't find the right way yet. Next time they come on earth, they will have different surroundings, different people to deal with and other kind of experiences, that will allow them to see things better. It's alright, you can be a complete idiot in this life. You will fix it in your next one.

Also, reincarnation is great in explaining the unexplained connections between people, the "love is blind" moments, the failed relationships, the hate for no reason. "It's a karmic meeting!", they shoot. "We were close in a past life, that's why" or "He must have been my enemy in a previous existence, that's why we hate each other now". Do you see what all these are hiding?

It's pure cowardice. Those who refuse to deal with all things in just one life will never make it better. They replace responsibility with something that may be pure fantasy. Now, I have nothing against people who might have experienced past regressions or any other things that might have brought them the conviction of past lives. Some experiences can be very strong and logical. I have no intent to fight such experiences of one's subjective world.

What I clearly see is, however, that:
Reincarnation is the perfect excuse for those who can't take real responsibility for their lives and the connections they establish with other people.

They are looking for excuses and are enjoying this one terribly much. These people have a hard time in getting their act together and give themselves endless chances out of their own imagination, refusing to believe that what we have is here and now.

I'm not looking into the reasons for believing reincarnation or not, I am only looking at what this belief does to people.  The fantasizing around the issue has taken enormous size. When I found on the web an article about numerology and reincarnation, I just laughed and cried for how pathetic it all became. It said that numerology can help one know which one of his 9 lives is the current one. I calculated for myself and got an 8. "Ooh, sweet!", I said to myself, indulging in a ego pat. Then I calculated for different people I knew, and got numbers from 1 to 9. Well, 1, as they said, was supposed to be the number for those folks who don't believe in anything spiritual and just live by their senses, while 9 would show the most enlightened ones. To my surprise, my test showed much the opposite. I got complete atheists as 9's and very spiritual people as 3's or 4s. Enough said. Anyhow, just like Christianity has its hypocrites, other systems of belief have them too.


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