13 March 2011

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In my readings I came across a story - I don't even know if it's pretended to be true or not; I see, however, that apart from its fun and fantastic nature, it holds a very wise and useful teaching to pass.

The story begins with the annoyance of a demon over a monastery of nuns. He was playing tricks on one of them, so that she would drive all the other to ill feelings. They began blaming her for all kind of evil doings, which were not true. But, in her deep humility, she never argued by defending herself. Instead, she accepted all accusations. However, she decided to fight on her own. So she set a trap for the demon, caught it and bind it with the power of faith (ordering his binding in the name of God). I believe the details are not necessary. Then she gathered all other nuns to witness; the prisoner devil was tortured and screaming for release. The nun promised its release if they would sing together a song in praise of God. The demon eventually agreed and proceeded, and sang with an angelic voice. However, he could not go on with telling the actual words of praise - "Lord, have mercy onto me" (by which he would admit the rule of God and cross the satanic oath). That's when the nuns praised it for singing so wonderfully, admiring its unearthly voice. In the moment when it was pushed to say those words by the 'brush of his ego', it immediately turned into an angel of light and soared to the sky.

Now, if we just don't go into questioning if any such story would be true or not and if we strip it of its "fun", then I guess we discover the actual truth in it, in its wise teaching. That nun was surely following the will of God, the dogma, and all else you can think of in religious terms. But she was also using the weapons of her enemy: being cunning, smart and... tricky.

After all, what was before Satan was Lucifer - the wisest and most beautiful angel of all, the closest to God. The light bearer. Those gifts, he still uses... but he uses them for evil, for his own ideals and needs. If Satan is known as sly and cunning, it doesn't mean we have to stay away from using those gifts. It would be self-sabotage. It is wise to know exactly who your enemy is and what weapons he uses. Otherwise, it's just blind confrontation. Or maybe no confrontation at all.


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