10 March 2011

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We've all heard of holy books, of secret texts and codes, high knowledge, hidden manuscripts etc. Cryptic or lost tongues, bizarre imagery, obscure symbolism, challenging form of expression are common to all the original ones. In a world that's in desperate need of enlightenment, it seems like a crime that such useful, life-saving knowledge would be kept away or designated for the use of only a few "chosen ones". It is not that unfair, after all...

Much of the precious information was already discovered throughout the time by the dark leaders of the world, the evil doers. If  ALL such information would be in their hands, the war would be forever lost. Thus, in order to prevent the misuse of absolute weapons (in the form of universal laws, principles), they must be encoded and kept away from everyone, including the masses of simple people. This is exactly the reasons why all scriptures of the world are so complicated, almost indecipherable, hermetic. That is the reason why they are holy, too.

If the evil elite wants to keep humanity in respect for something, they make it accessible, understandable and seductive. For their goals, it would make no sense to encode their weapons, declare them holy and then just expect people to do the worship on and on, for thousands and thousands of years... especially since the masses wouldn't understand much of such things.

My view over what has been going on through the history of mankind, in simple words, is as follows: starting with the idea divine knowledge existent into our world - the good and the bad guys who started fighting to win over this planet also began the pursuit of these ultimate secrets. Each group with its goals. The good elite encrypted the knowledge to be passed on to future generations in a manner that would make the information available only to those who would fit their goals... meaning the ones who would seek the good, the divine etc. Thus, it is clear nowadays that something like the Bible or the Book of Thoth are extremely revealing to the believers, while the skeptics only find them to be stories full of manipulation, vague ideas and delirium. It has always been like this and will keep being this way. It's one way of how the law of attraction manifests.

The great majority of people exhibits pure ignorance (it is very hard to say this without sounding superior, but it's just how things manifest out there...) and if the secrets would be revealed to them, the consequences would be like this: 1. they wouldn't understand them, because they stay ignorant; 2. they will start using them in a harmful manner. Never heard of yoga practitioners who went mental, who ended doing more harm to themselves? Does that make yoga in itself harmful?
Or, one can try to absorb all good knowledge available (and, luckily, there are more and more people of this kind), but if they start telling others about it, even their closest ones, they would probably end up behind a locked asylum door. The majority is simple unable to receive such information, because it was programmed to believe the very tangible things, the immediate survival and to ridicule all that is uncommon and not so available.


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