7 March 2011

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This is one delicate topic, and very broad too. It goes to the conspiracy theories out there and it touches everything we've been taught or all that we've gotten to see as 'natural' and true. It is not of my competence to reveal what is going on there at the large scale, because there are already several theories with their followers. There are documentary movies that take it step by step (The Secret, Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda...) and... oh, beware here! This is how we actually get into our topic:

...There are more and more "revealers of turth" out there, filling Youtube and the whole web. Believing them all is believing in some truth, but in much scam also. They teach about quantum jumping, discovery of the higher self, raise in consciousness, power of thought or, on another side, about the world politics, the conspiracy behind 9/11, the fake economy crisis, the new world order etc. On top of it all - about FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM. It is the word that sells nowadays! Buy them by saying "freedom" and the "freedom seekers" will fall at your feet, letting you tie them in chains easily!
Now, some of us are well aware that some things they claim are true... And here is what they do:
They give us truth. Yes, they do. But only part of it. They liberate us from the bad patterns of thinking, from ill prejudice, they save us from the social slave condition. And, of course, we buy it. It feels good to wake up to the real reality, and it makes perfect sense! But oh, how we fail to see that there is more...

Since the old system of religions is failing, they now decide to give us a terrible picture of its failure and initiate us to the "world religion", the new holistic spirituality that will enhance all our existence, that will make us become superior beings. Well, I do not stand against such spiritual ideas, but these will solve nothing in the hands of the unprepared people (remember that in many ancient times, the true religions, the "mysteries", were only for a closed group and not for the population mass, because the mysteries=true knowledge was considered dangerous). And how many of us are actually ready to implement such ideas? So, it is plain to see what they do. They replace on old way by giving something that only appears as freedom... but that something is meant to make people even more distracted... They won't see what is going on around them, but pay attention to their "inner, spiritual growth". They will forget  their brothers in the world, because they focus on the self and the inner god. This only leads to separation and to better implementation of the evil schemes of those in lead.

Since I mentioned religions... - when the old, controlling paradigms don't work, offer them a new one: tempt them by giving freedom of all religions! Reveal the old control scheme and bring in a new one!

The principle is a very simple one.
Give people the illusion of freedom, and they will blindly follow you.

Freedom is, to many of us, the greatest gift. That who can offer it, becomes a sort of god.

Let's illustrate it with a very mundane example of psychology, which is tested, proven and is working in countless situations everywhere: when a woman wants to seduce or keep a man, she does a very effective psychological trick. She pretends total self control and total empathy, offering the man the type of freedom he is not likely to find anywhere else. She usually encourages him to do "all manly things" (like watching too much football, drinking lots of beer with the guys, watching porn etc.) or even gives him sexual freedom. Automatically, he will be convinced that she is the best, because the others don't give him such freedom. It is the effect of creating distance, as well as of using one's psychology to your advantage. It is also giving freedom when you actually want to limit it. Therefore, the controlling woman will benefit from the mask of kindness, empathy and understanding. Instead of "Don't do this, don't do that!" which would repel her man, she will do the opposite. The result: her man won't feel the need for affairs, for hangout with the guys, because she offers him perfect understanding. He will be willing to spend his time with her. and yes, that happens for the very reason that freedom is very dear to him. And understanding too.

The same thing happens at greater levels. Companies, corporations and governments give us wonderful opportunities from time to time. As we are hungry for benefits, we will gladly go and pick them. And, being pleased for the moment, we won't feel the need to look any further. We allow them to make their secret moves and to take over, turning us into their slaves. Happy and willing slaves, however! Or, better said, unsuspecting.

In my country, its very poor areas were not long ago a very good place for the porn industry. Child porn, especially. The tricky but kind Western perverts would come to the countryside and lure kids with the simple gift of a... chocolate. Yes, it was that simple to trick a poor child, who barely gets any such sweets. It was not all for the sake of porn industry, however. The simple perverts were using this method for their own sake, because it was too complicated to fool the kids in their advanced countries, where they wouldn't be tempted by chocolate and where they probably already had a bit of basic social and sexual education. A better known example of such trick is to give to young and desperate people of less developed countries exactly what they need: the promise of a job abroad. They already know that foreigners earn better and live better. They crave for that status and lifestyle. And that's how countless young women got our of their countries - not for a decent job though, but for being eventually forced to prostitute. An undeniable reality.

The method will keep on working with great effectiveness, at more subtle levels... It works everywhere. It gets even smart people to fail and become slaves.

Note: what is 666 (or 616)? It's what the Revelation tells that will be accepted by most people, the stigmata of evil. And... those who won't accept it won't survive in the material world. They wil need it. Therefore, whatever this 666 will be, it will grant a benefit. Here, physical survival. But in fact it will only grant death in the end... So, no matter how one takes the word of Revelation, I'd say it shows exactly how that trick operates...


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