4 March 2011

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It is interesting how the humans, all throughout history, have been these creatures to desperately wonder and seek for something beyond, for something unseen but which connects to their terrible feeling of incompleteness and nostalgia. What is there, beyond, is not the subject of this post though...

Nowadays we tend to see the various spiritual doctrines as isolated cultural products, specific to certain areas, isolated in their limited circumstances, thus ignoring the many coincidence points, similarities, even common origins or, on another hand, amazing synchronicity and their continuation in time.

The purpose of spiritual traditions seems to have always been: to achieve a higher existence, to connect to the eternal and the never ending, to abolish all that causes suffering. However, due to the incompleteness of humanity and to many corrosive factors, such as time and diverse manipulation, most common ground has been split apart and many vital connections are lost. That is how we got to have different, often conflicting spiritual traditions. But all it takes is for one to see the common essence and goals, regardless of the ways and imagery. As long as people tend towards a form of spirituality, it is still better than living in ignorance.

The chakras are "gates" between the astral world and the physical bodies, in which the chi (life) energy or prana activates vital principles. The same energy circulates through body meridians which start in the brain, and the whole system is under the influence of the nature of our thoughts. Breathing is the process directly linked to the flow of chi.

Orthodox monks master breathing techniques that almost no one knows about. They also practice fasting, with amazing results. Also, deep prayer alters their brainwaves to those experienced in very early infancy. A prayer done right is the passing into another state of consciousness, with its specific brainwaves - and, therefore, possibilities and results.

Modern science proves that the thoughts in our brain determine various frequencies and those modify the chemicals and the functions in our bodies. Everything is connected because everything is vibration.

Gregorian chants and the throat singing in exotic traditions held such vibrations that they could instate certain frequencies, good for insight and healing. Today, these secrets are used by science in brainwave technology, as a very efficient alternative therapy.

God only had intention and word to create the world. It's the weird, misunderstood, folktale-beginning of the Bible... or is it not? Intention/will is the first force, the consciousness within, while word is nothing else but vibration (it is common knowledge that the sounds we produce and form as words come from our vocal chords, and they are pure vibrational phenomenon). The creation of the world is the result of specific vibrations, as it clearly comes. With the help of science itself, the Bible now doesn't seem so much fantasy and fairytale anymore...


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