9 March 2011

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Positive thinking all over. Power of thought, the hidden god within us, divine consciousness, unconditional love, the higher self. You create your world. Such concepts have started to appear everywhere we look, trying to solve the deep crisis of mankind in our times. With them being widely spread, not many people can complain they could never know. And many of us know, and some of us use the knowledge. Then... why don't we witness spectacular changes? Why some of us still complain, question, wander and even deny?

I think it's because we can barely get the force, understanding and determination to make the changes of patterns permanent. We don't understand that it takes tremendous time and effort to become one with the newly discovered knowledge. Persistence, endurance, faithfulness.
It is not enough for one to be convinced of the truth of a principle. Soon, the old patterns kick in - those patterns that we inherited from countless manipulated generations. It takes long enduring therapy to replace them, or... surgery. Well, surgery is done by a brutal opening of what normally stays closed, it implies direct intervention and a lot of blood flow. Yes, there can barely be any surgery without blood. I hope the metaphoric meaning of this is easy to see... For example, in a lot of 'brutal' interventions of a therapist/psychologist to heal a patient, the patient will firstly be forced to access all the pain inside, to get it all out in the open, feel it and cry to the limit.

In most cases, an 'enlightened' person will stick to the discovered truth at the level of their intellect. They will even enlighten other people too and everything will be smooth and pretty until a disruptive element, a challenge of sorts will come their way. In their conscious minds, they will still be convinced that they follow the good, chosen path.

Have you ever heard people saying that, whenever faced with another's bad attitude, "It's not what I want in my life"? Or similar phrases, like "I'm not in resonance with your behavior", "I do not support your thinking" etc. What they say is not wrong in the first instance. They try to teach the other person the good way. But what they actually do is to run away, to turn their backs not only to the other person, but to themselves too. One who is aware of his mind power and inner divine consciousness will know that, in such situation, they have to keep on creating their reality, the outcome. If the man in front of you is giving you an unpleasant experience, sure you must spot it and reject it in itself (disagreeing). But why forgetting of your own transformational power? BE what you want to experience. Show what you want to receive. Prove what you believe in, instead of keeping it at an intellectual and sterile level. When running away, there is no way one can be that. Moreover, it ruins the entire world view that the person supported, which will lead others to perceive it as something fake. One who preaches the benefits of being positive and loving but not manifesting them, will not convince others of any such benefits. This, in fact, will only push them further away into negativity.

So, the 'positive person' not only didn't get the desired reality, but they actually made it worse by themselves.