11 March 2011

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I spend today's morning with a sudden return of anxiety condition. Practically, a state I haven't had in many months. It brought along an intense lethargic feeling, which I haven't experienced since at least 4 months. This instantly reminded me of how it used to be back then, in autumn, when I could barely handle the daily chores because of the sleepy state I was in... I blamed it on the changing season.

Think about it, many people experience the so-called seasonal depression or the exhaustion when spring/autumn sets in. It is not a depression in its real pathological meaning. The symptoms include weakness, fatigue, being sleepy and sad... though the change is for the better! Yes, I hear most of them saying, "But I LOVE spring and I couldn't wait for it to come! Then why am I feeling like this...". Doctors give the simple explanation of the season and the nutrition. Taking a deeper look, we see that there is indeed a great change in nutrition, in the daylight we receive, in the temperature that surrounds us. The body simply needs adjustment to such... And how does it do it? It is the subconscious that does it. It regulates all physical functions and more.

However, while we are awake and alert (the beta state, that is), we cannot be into a state of relaxation and allowance (the alpha state). Meditating is tapping into alpha, which is the gate to the subconscious. Alternative healing also happens in alpha.

What happened to me today is that I allowed and finally used my 'sleepiness'! I was aware enough to guide my thoughts through it and impress positive feelings into my subconscious mind. In a very short time I was free of my anxious feelings and had a lot more power to go on. That's when the 'click' was produced. For so many months my subconscious was sending me the message that I must let it do its job in order to heal me from my anxiety and outbalance.... What I did was to force myself awake and alert - the opposite, that is. I didn't let my secret intelligence (that we all have inside) do its adjustments in the alpha state. Moreover, I was actually letting negative thoughts impress all levels of my mind, which was eventually effective, because they were using the gate to come in.

I am absolutely aware now of the self sabotage I was doing. When we need proteins, our subconscious send us the message through a craving - we feel like eating meat. When it needs minerals, it makes us drool for fruits and vegetables. When our energy does down, we feel like resting or sleeping. We are not aware of what happens inside with the food, for example. We can't see if it's still in the stomach our look into our intestines to see where it got. But we can feel an empty stomach and a desire to eat. And we don't mistake it for any other need, because we know what our body is telling us.

We only need to listen to the message from within and to see what it may ask from us. Then, once this is done, we must offer nothing else but what is needed and beneficial. That would be the positive thoughts and visualizations, along with our time. The rest will be done by itself - we are well programmed on a certain level. It will heal us and move us forward.


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