14 January 2012

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You have argued with them, build resentment, ran to them and ran from them, get puzzled by them, turned silent to them, accused, denied, let go of them. All has been there. But have you ever taken the time to really think about what truly makes the woman nature? What makes them be so different, what secret language of the heart of logic they keep inside? Why do you sometimes feel you can't reconcile with them?

Think about the trees. An often encountered spiritual approach distinguishes trees invested with masculine energy and trees built on the feminine one. The first ones, like the oak tree, look fabulously strong outside, with masculine composure, rooted well in the soil. However, a strong wind can take their might away by mercilessly breaking off the branches or the trunk itself. Such trees are rooted off when there's too much to bear. On the other side, 'feminine' species like the pines, birches and willows, look slender and fragile - ridiculously fragile to withstand any caprice of nature. When the winds gets rough, their torment is great, looking as helpless as a leaf. Yet, after the rough weather has passed, they are standing and perfectly surviving. They bend but don't break.
This is the miracle of feminity. A woman can go through the worst of pain, anger or humiliation, yet she will find again the force to carry on and to do something good. Often, she will be the one to comfort you after a fight. She will usually do more for getting back together, although you may see her bending under the winds and almost falling to pieces.

Women are made to nurture and comfort, that's why they still cater to you even when they have blamed you of harm (because they know you lack something inside). Women seek to understand and adjust, that's why they ask you Why.  Women want you to become your best, that's why they 'criticize' and reproach you more as they get closer.

Here is one of the most beautiful and true things ever said about women:

They should be treated with respect, love, and cared for. Women are indeed made to be the most sensitive ones, and without this sensitivity, men will never change to be the best they can be. Do not insult a woman's sensitivity, because this is the only weapon they got to make the whole relationship work. They won’t be able to face their partner without this, or tell them the truth.
(from the blog of relationship coach Cucan Premo)

When a woman becomes silent, turns her back on you or bursts into critique, it may be the best thing that can happen to you. You don't have to admit her being right, nor to lower your head or to change on the spot. Listen to what she is actually saying. While you are ready to leave at her first flagrant mistake, she will be there through countless mistakes of yours, because she knows there is much good to hang on to.

As the song goes, I’d rather have bad time with you than good times with someone else.” 
When this is the case, you are getting the most wonderful and genuine love declaration possible.
This is not about the women who appear as loving today and gone tomorrow, not about those who hide their sorrows and discontent just to make things look perfect on the surface, and not about those who give into your every desire to be the chosen ones.


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