17 October 2011

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In the beginning of this blog I made that certain statement. Time passed by, experiences came by. It would be extreme and dangerous to say I no longer agree with it. So I will write a new explanation to it...

The truth is just one. Only that it has a million faces. (original quote - Hermann Hesse -  The truth has a million faces, but there is only one truth.)Can it be probed? Yes, I'd say. To be philosophical, realistic and onjective, we would never have or sense a concept of "truth" if we never had the intuition of its singularity. If mankind ever believed in the possibility of more truths (this has nothing to do with the reality of the countless perspectives, each one valuable as personal, subjective "truth" - as filtred through one's limited senses), it would have never invented this word after all.
No, I will not state what I see as Truth, because such thing always triggers aggressive reactions. What I could see was how any of the spiritual paths can be a way to truth (truth as opposed to lie, deceit, illusion, manipulation, comfortable preference), just as it can be a way to "perdition". Many spiritual people have gone mental and ended miserable. I want to show here the barrier between the spiritual people, no matter of their kind, and the rest, the complete skeptics, the completely material ones, who never look towards the unseen. It is the difference between those who look for the way and those who don't even look for it. That's why every spiritality is good spirituality. It can be. It can lead there, where we really want to get. Sure, we may stumble and fall along the way. We may mistake the way. We may fall even lower than before, but at least we're trying and being true to our nature as it's been since our dawning.


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