6 July 2015

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As one who's been analyzing dating and romance for years, I could never understand blind dating. Why do people ever do that? For the thrill perhaps? OK, I'm not into bungee jumping but others are, so it must be a similar situation.

Still, blind dating is awkward by default. It does not create the grounds for attraction. It's probably the strangest form of dating and is totally unnatural. I will explain why.

Here is the usual way attraction works. Regardless of where you are, you need at least a few moments for observing the other. In fact, the more time you have to observe them without them being aware of you, the better. The biggest passions were born when people were able to observe their chosen one for a long time before they actually met. It's a sage way -- they don't see you or know you, but you are free to analyse them. It's essential and totally beneficial.

Even if it's someone you meet in a bar, it's better to have at least 5 minutes prior to your first talk to just observe each other in that environment. It's simply how attraction is born. You get to see how they move, how they interact etc., without the nervousness, the stress that comes when they're actually dealing with you.

When you're having a blind date, you know nothing about them. You find yourself right in the middle of it and you can't freely observe. You have to present yourself nicely and carry out a conversation. It could be my very own way of falling in love, but I tend to believe it works for everyone else, too. Blind dating just cannot work. Instead, go out (or on the web) and prowl; have a look around and see who catches your eye. See how they behave and what feeling you get from them. Take your time. Be casual. Talk to them but don't jump to dating. When you push for a first date, especially if it's a blind one, it's hard, if not impossible, to avoid the awkwardness and the embarrassment.


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