6 July 2016

Posted by Anna Notaras |
There is no good way to respond to a fat shamer.

Any comeback will make it worse, guaranteed.
It's because REAL CONFIDENCE means paying NO attention to shamers at all.

If you stop and give precious time of your life to make a 'burning' comeback or whatever you think will show you as smart and confident, you're wrong big time.

You're only showing that you care, that it hurt you, that the hater could actually be right.

I have never seen a good response to fat shaming.

Usually, it's a sort of shaming in itself. It's offending the 'hater', it's spilling hate, it's oozing insecurity.

To all overweight women, plus size models etc:

You're never showing yourself as confident when you try so hard to show 'haters' that you're fine with their remarks, that you don't care... because you're actually proving how much you care.


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