4 May 2011

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The famous Law of Attraction has become infamous to many, because of the many secrets it holds. I, personally, had a long time in which I was feeling disgusted at the simple hearing of these words, because I was considering it a scam, just another nice daydream for people in order to keep them focused on sterile matters. Sadly, most individuals end up like me in that case.

For some fortunate ones, though, the shift happens sooner or later. LoA works indeed, but only for the few strong ones, the determined ones. The truth seekers, the ones who don't agree with being defeated. Now, I don't know how many out there can use LoA without much effort. Considering the general condition of mankind though, I'd say that the great secret is actually mindwork. Mind work. A lot of it, constantly, enthusiastically. Your saboteur can be right there in your deepest self, in the realms of the subconscious. It's all those beliefs that bring unhappiness, the stored feelings of failure, the rigidity and you must turn its power to your benefit. Remember that your subconscious is also what keeps you alive and makes you breathe, move, perceive, think, talk.

For the work you need to do with your subconscious, think about your home computer.
The latter is a machine that can do many more things than your conscious self, a lot faster and effective. You just cannot complete those enormous calculations in a split second. You cannot create all it does in the virtual space. But you order it to do so. You took the cds with the programs needed, installed and used them to your advantage and desired results. You don't wonder how it does all that, by what means and processes exactly, unless you're passionate with the IT. Later, as you want other programs, you install them as needed. However, in order to do this you may have to clean up some space on the hard disk. Then, you proceed to removing the old, no longer useful programs, or the junk data you stored.

This is exactly how you can work with your subconscious in the greater picture. Start by making some free space by deleting all that no longer serves you. Scan for viruses, take out all that did harm. This can be done by EFT. Now you can install the new software, for the works and results you're expecting. Do this by programming your mind using meditation, visualization, positive affirmations. Notice that the foremost thing your conscious self can do is to set out an intention, to act within its limits and let the "other powers" do their job. You don't have to wonder at all, using LoA, how is everything going to happen, or to allow doubts. The universe/God/ whatever you recognize as powerful outside yourself has all the means necessary and has already given you the tools you need. "Ask and it shall be given", because all is there. Here, I can add something more, because I recognize God as separate from this force, which was given by Him as a tool for our benefit and downfall also, for our lessons-to-be-learned...
How one has to ask for something, the preparation and processes are another story.

The downsides of LoA:

As a neutral tool, this attraction force and the energy that's responsive to our thoughts can be manipulated in all possible ways. Bad things happen because of bad thoughts. Bad thoughts exist because of bad ethics. That is the key - the ETHICS. This is also what made LoA look silly in my eyes, before getting a grip on its real meaning, and it's what drives others away from this tool. There are numerous masters out there who use it for becoming rich. Millionaire. Billionaire. It's very nice and useful to have money - but does anyone really need to be a millionaire? do we really? Why would anyone want to have the most expensive car while there are countless cars that already function perfectly AND look wonderful? These material goals that they set to be obtained with LoA have the power to drag it all down for those who use some different ethics... There's another helping key here, and that is DISCERNMENT. Having the discernment to realize that getting unnecessarly rich or famous is their goal and they're only using a tool that is neutral, the same tool that can be used to bring balance, harmony and true welth to yourself and others.