17 April 2011

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The great Zeitgeist movies and movement are nothing but an alternative way of manipulation prior to introducing the New World Order (NWO)... Wise people have started speaking against it and uploading all over the web indisputable proofs that its stands for the NWO. The counter-arguments coming from the defenders are nothing but childish phrases empty of any proof, argument, reason whatsoever. No lie can truly stand for too long.
The best scheme, as mentioned in a previous post, is giving out a half-truth to people. They will feel so liberated that they won't notice the subliminal sounds in the background, the hypnotic effects of images or the actual lies and forgeries the movie is presenting. They simply invent stories about ancient civilizations, present them with ultra-confidence, so the weak buy their ideas. Separated from the ignorant mass, the Zeitgeist people see themselves as enlightened and soaked in the waters of truth.

First of all, it forwards exactly what NWO wants to achieve: freedom from all religions, and installation of a new mass spirituality emptied of any real essence. It's the New Age religion. Lots of people have already fallen into this trap. There is already plenty of evidence that this is what the dark elite has in store for us: the same "free" spirituality all over the world.
Look deeper, look further.
They are giving out the benefits of a "peaceful, uniting, true" world spirituality, only to dismiss the ancient secrets of the human race because of what these hold. It will plunge the world into chaos instead of uniting and liberating it.

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Facebook is getting smart, too. There's one beautiful page about the Zeitgeist brainwash and manipulation:
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