17 April 2011

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 Seminar on self improvement and the Law of Attraction - Keys to Manifestation, March 2011 - Part I

This is a seminar not without nervousness for me, but I'm working on that *laughter* Because I've been asked (by the organizing team) to give a picture of my past dark times, I begin with that. I was surely down. I was experiencing loss on a lot of levels, without even knowing a reason why. I was loosing all I've ever known to be a sure thing in my life. There had to come a day when I'd just have too much of it. Enough. A breakdown that would generate change. It came eventually, after several attempts though, and after I was devastated with anger and tears. I cried for a whole day, got conjunctivitis which kept me inside the house for some days more, when I had things to do in town... I brought to the ground my immune system and suffered a throat infection which wouldn't let me sleep at night, I was in pain and suffocating... and I guess all that was enough, added to the fears and damaging thoughts I was soaked in. 

You see, for a couple of years I had this up-and-down rhythm, which was more like going downwards... This is exactly where most people go wrong - and I want you to pay great attention to this - write it down and remember it. Most of us are fine with feeling OK and feeling not so OK. If they get depression, bipolarity, panic attacks, you name it, they take their pills and are very content as the effect installs. If they can go through the day without feeling all that pain and discomfort, it's fine for them.... But you see? They never really put it behind, they don't work on its root or assess whatever is truly happening there. They're pleased as long as a pill can get them through the day. I have friends like that... I try to open up any topic like these being discussed today, but they don't have an open mind for that. You've seen them too, haven't you?... They know their little pill or whatever is making them feel something better than their bad condition and they don't need to go further than that. Well, SUFFICIENCY can be a thing equal to the dangerous IGNORANCE.

The Law of attraction tells about being happy with what you've got; this, however, is far from the attitude described. Yes, be pleased with what you're experiencing right now - but this doesn't mean you have to cancel all your wishes and dreams, all your aspirations. My colleagues spoke to you about the main things in LOA, and I will point those parts which appear as contradicting. The parts we usually get wrong. That's why it doesn't work for most! And then come the haters and skeptics who raise their voices, like "Yeah, it doesn't work because it's a scam, it's a... thing to get money out of your pockets and so on..". Yeah, pretty true in many cases. Recently I've come across an organization - I'm not gonna name it - it promised the supreme enlightenment and secret, above all else that one can find out there, if you become a member of their group and pay a sum... Well, they also advertised themselves by showing the luxurious and exotic holiday places they have and kept an emphasis on the money. To a trained person, a person with spiritual integrity, this is the supreme sign of LOA gone wrong, being used for bad interests. You see, LOA is not good or bad in itself, it has no polarity. LOA is not God either. It is the force that God put to our disposal, a powerful tool which we can use according to what we have inside and how we think.... The polarity is within us. Just like our subconscious, LOA doesn't truly know what is valid or not, what is true for everyone, what is good or not.

I'd like to suggest you to get familiar with all the concepts we are using here - the subconscious mind, energy, vibration, brainwaves and please get familiar with psychology. Everything is about human psychology - arts, philosophy, literature, theology even... In fact this all is one single big science, we're just dividing it because we think it's easier to teach like that.

Now let's get back to my main purpose here to teach: the MISTAKES we are making though we've learned the main rules.
1. Meditating in the wrong way. Getting into the alpha state was pretty tricky for myself. I was holding the wrong idea that I must not move, not at all, so I'd lose the aim. I had no clue that it's allowed and it's actually beneficial to take a sip of water if thirsty or scratch an itch if it feels so. I was forcing myself to disregard the itch I was having, believing it would hinder me from mentally relaxing, and what I was doing instead was to amplify the tension, focus on my body and simply miss the Alpha state. Now that's one thing that created quite some sabotage!

2. We come now to a basic principle in LOA and not only - many belief systems as well... It's "Be grateful for what you have right now". Paying attention here? Grateful is the right word, not content, not happy. If you have an illness, can you actually lie to yourself and tell it feels good? that you're happy with it and don't want it to change? It is a lesson of life... that's what you should be grateful for... It's bad, it hurts, but it teaches you something precious. You accept it, acknowledge the lesson, learn and let it move on... That's it. You're done. You wouldn't have wanted it to stay forever, would you? Gratitude is truly the key attitude here. Practice this and let your life develop, let your dreams come to you. Setting your mind to being happy ONLY with what there is right now, for ever and ever, means staying there at that level, never moving forward. Gratitude doesn't and isn't supposed to cancel all your other faculties - reasoning, judgement, empathy. Also, think about it.... if we were all super tolerant, peaceful and content, there'd be no conflict. There'd be no growth either. On another side, I've seen people who practiced being happy in the moment, but they lacked serious human virtues, like empathy... No no. It is never supposed to be so. A truly grateful person IS happy indeed in the moment, but allows even what we call negative experiences, because there is the right inner power to use and transform them to something better.

3. Let's take a look now at some conflicts revolving around the ideas of intention, visualizing and being ready for your goal to come true. Now you are already familiar with them. You have desires, don't you? Dreams... give me one... *points to a young man in the audience* Yes, you? -"I want a trip to New York". New York trip, great! When is it happening? - "Um... It's not set yet, I don't have the money". Alright, perfectly understandable; but by this you've set your dream in the future, for good. *silence* LOA tells you to feel and act now as if your trip is set and you're about to be there, in NY. Picture yourself, you can do that.... Your subconscious gets better the images and emotions... it doesn't work with the future tense, however. Some languages don't even have a future tense, ever known that? Quite an interesting matter..... Your subconscious mind is extremely strong, yet kind of silly in some aspects! If you tell it about the future, it won't pick on it and do its job. It says, Oh, it's in future, then no need for me to get busy with it... So, NY trip will stay a dream for you. Here's the part where most people give up. They find it hard to do the visualizing... and at the same time to get along with their lives normally. Let's say you act according to LOA and you're aaabsolutely convinced you're going to NY, though your money isn't there yet. You meet a friend who knows you're broke or jobless and he asks how you're doing... and you say with a huge smile, Oh I'm going to NY!! *laughter* It doesn't really work, does it?.... Well, it's wise to just keep these to yourself. It will be nicer anyway to surprise them later when you're actually packing your bags *laughter*. Do not get discouraged anyhow by what others may say. This is one more reason why winners are so few.

4. Another reason to fail with LOA is eliminating what you do not want. Yes, sounds surprising? Well, the simple thought that you don't want something may attract that very thing to you. Because it's RESISTANCE. What you resist, persists - that's a golden rule! It's because of your energy investment in it and the visualization of the unwanted thing! This usually triggers an emotional response in us... Do you fear disease? Cancer? How do you feel if you have a cake in front of you that's filled with deadly additives, sure to get you sick? Don't you already start feeling uncomfortable? If you cling on that though, you may feel like developing symptoms already! It's so simple for us to give in to the negative emotions....


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