10 April 2011

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A while back I was having a heated debate with a few doctors about an idea of mine that started as intuition, then developped into a deep belief. It was about sex - the male orgasm, to be more precise. I was making logical connections between ancestral traditions of wisdom and pure medical facts.

Shortly put, my assumption was that sperm contains too much concentration of life, of energy, and spilling it often and meaninglessly is a mistake condemned by all we see under the sun. It is made of an impressive number of compounds, all being taken from the body itself - therefore, frequent loss of sperm can weaken the body by forcing it to produce more again and again, in order to replace what was lost. The body will be facing a shortage of resources, many of them essential in the makeup of the brain especially. Now, we know that lack of minerals, for example, causes unpleasant symptoms of many kinds.

The doctors I spoke to, surprisingly to me, didn't agree with this. Nor did they have arguments to counter-attack my claim - even more surprisingly. It made me see once again that the brainwash startegies in our contemporary society works wonders. People have fallen into the extreme of believing that sex is ever-healthy and that it's needed as often as possible. When they are told something else, they feel threatened by the other exreme ("sex is bad and should be forbidden") and only push forward argumentation concerning how sexual activity produces happiness hormones and such.

The aforementioned people would have a little shock finding out the recent studies claiming that orgasms indeed produce feel-good hormones and the like, undeniably, but what follows is... exhaustion. The beneficial part is in fact the arousal stage, noticed in women's case studies, in which estrogen is rushing. However, once the orgasm bliss is gone, the beneficial hormones levels drop. The studies showed that women with frequent orgasms looked older than the ones 'less successful'... Shocking, isn't it?

Yet, the doctors still deny the possibility of such. Humans are usually pleased with half-truths, as we can see with everything. So, I gave up that quarrel but kept the idea in my mind, especially as I heard a story from a women I knew: she was in a relationship with a man whose job was keeping him committed to work for weeks on end. It was no hard work, but they simply lacked the time for intimacy. From time to time he was getting longer breaks from his job, little holidays in which they'd be making love every night. Though he was passionate and happy about their connection, the man was always appearing  to be "unlike himself" after these 'holidays'. His mood would deteriorate and have unexplained emotions. I considered that to be a result of his intense activity during those scarce breaks (the alternation of long abstinence periods and short but intense active days), added to the poor diet of those days (they preferred fast food, in order to enjoy their alone time...) and alcohol consumption. As he was returning to his work schedule, with abstinence and no alcohol, he was feeling rejuvenated, in spite of their wonderful time together.

Recently I came across an article that backed my claims and gave me the green light to write this post - it centers on the energy reality - it makes so much sense to the aware ones, that it needs no more medical/scientific proofs to support it.


"Sex is sacred we all know. Every religious scripture has said it. Yet like all scriptures misinterpreted this one is too. (...) Did you know ejaculation has a lot of bio-energy? A lot. Every muscle, very part of the body is used in it. That’s why a single sperm cell has the power and energy to create life. Now the good news. Nobody is saying no sex."

Ever thought why some religions have rough rules against sex? and why other spiritual traditions praise this interaction? Do you think it's a paradox or extremism? I believe it's not. Sex is sacred indeed. Just that not any kind of sex and, no matter into what true wisdom you look, lust and selfishness is never allowed. You think that Christianity is against it? Take another look, from this perspective... The force of life, of creation, misused. The blessing of the right use of this force. In fact, it seems to me that Christianity actually places sex on the highest pedestal - it keeps it as something sacred indeed - and when we talk about sacred, we know that anything placed in that area is reachable only in certain circumstances, with great care, preparation, cosideration. The more rules and interdictions surrounding an object, the more sacred it is, as anthropology has always stated.


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