7 September 2013

Do you know those nice and sweet guidelines? No hate speech,  no discrimination based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion, no threats and so on? Forget about them! These are there only to convince you that they're gentle sheep. But they're wolves in lamb skins...

Don't place those claims there, Facebook, if you're never taking such things into account!

So, the time I got into the reporting thing was when I saw animal cruelty photos in a 'friend's' photo album. He sacrificed animals at his countryside residence. Ok, people often do that for food. But is it really necessary to show the bloody stuff to the world? It's traumatising for some. It's really appalling, to say the least. So I reported him to Facebook. They do have a "violence and cruelty" reporting section.

The second time, I was reporting very obvious attacks based on one's religion. And whole pages which would mock religions in a most unfair, untruthful way. I'm no fanatic, I don't take insult with these (but some people do, and I feel it's all so unfair to them) but take a look, Facebook itself officially condemns hate speech regarding one's personal beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race. Did Facebook do anything about those posts? NO.

Did it do anything about the "I Hate Dogs" page, reported by hundreds of people? NOPE.
Not a trace of hate there, Facebook, is it?

Soon, it happened to come across a most detestable piece of writing. A Facebook employee would expose his attitude and opinion, in very dirty words, about those who report things to the site. To comments he didn't like, he relied with cuss words and blatant insults. Yeah, that kind of stuff, about sexual organs, feces, death and so on. I regret I didn't keep the link, that article just showed so well what Facebook is all about. It just wants your data, it has a "safety policy" and behavior guideline THAT IS JUST FOR DECORATION and no one actually cares about how much hate IS BEING SPILLED THERE.

As I still encountered loads of obvious hate messages on various profile and pages, I insisted on submitting reports. No matter how obvious the transgression was, Facebook did NOTHING, only replied with "We did not remove the comment/photo because we did not consider it as violating our terms".

Ok, Facebook, so you don't consider any of these to be harmful:
- animal cruelty
- discrimination based on ethnicity
- discrimination based on gender
- discrimination based on sexual orientation
- hate speech containing obvious swearwords and curses
- hate speech targeting one's personal beliefs

Then WHAT in the world do you consider worthy of a report???

I am sure that whoever received my complaints was an arrogant troll who laughed at my 'sensibility', just like the employee's article described. Go ahead and write something very nasty on a Facebook page. Be as nasty as you can. Encourage people to report you. I guarantee you that your comment will stay there and nothing will bother you.

In my email inbox, I got calls to action from a group trying to eliminate child pornography on Facebook. I didn't know it existed there. Sounds quite shocking, isn't it? I mean, with all the moral decay, most people in this world are still against such form of abuse. Then it dawned on me: why in the world are there such call to actions, repeatedly?... Well, it's because Facebook doesn't seem to be interested in taking those pages down... Draw your own conclusions...

Now hear the awesome continuation of the story. Having submitted so many reports deemed as useless by the mighty social network workers, I probably got banned. My profile is perfectly functional, but whenever I report something I don't even get the negative reply to it. I concluded they ignore my reports. And can you try to guess the things I've reported recently?

- Obvious hate speech about immigrants, instigating to hate,
- Obvious THREATS to one's life.
(come on, seriously, even if they weren't meaning it, this sort of thing should not be there)

Facebook employers are laughing in your face because you take their oh-so-nice guidelines seriously! Wow, so you actually have some common sense and don't want everyone to swim in a sea of bloody hate... You fool! Ha ha! Facebook keeps all the dirt there, encourages it, lets psychopaths roam freely and help them rule, turning the actual normality into abnormality.


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