23 September 2013

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Just another... well, rooster
The glorious Trafalgar Square is dominated now by a gigantic blue rooster, contrasting ridiculously with the architecture. Bright blue and bold, it is nevertheless cute, but what does it do there? Locals have informed me that it is a feminist work of art meant to treat with irony the city's obsession with masculine monuments. Men's statues, phallic monuments of all sorts... like in all other cities with old architecture, isn't it? Well, there had to be one more cock, said the feminist artist.

As I was wasting some time in Trafalgar Square while waiting for my host to arrive at home (I had no key), looking totally decent and uninterested, I had to get my share of attention, still. Some Belgian guy who was in London either for a period of time or for good, I don't remember, insisted that I go out with him. Although I had explained him that I'm out only for 30 minutes or so and that I do have someone back at home (he didn't bother to ask himself!), he was still hanging onto his plan. "You're pretty and I want to know you!" Thanks but no. That's fine if you like my appearance and want to get to know me, but after I've denied having any interest in dating or whatever, you should really back off.

The Belgian guy didn't hesitate to show his disapproval of my decision and his indignation. His mimic and words tried to made me feel like I was doing something very cruel. I went on my way to Leicester Square, which was crowded and vivid as in any summer weekend night. In less than 5 minutes I get stopped in my way by another guy. This time, a Londoner. He carries around a casserole with food he just grabbed from a pub or fastfood restaurant nearby and is consuming it around the square. Strangely, although I was irritated enough by the previous guy's behaviour, this one didn't bother me at all. He greeted me in a very casual manner, excused himself for eating, and just asked me what I am doing. Some other casual questions followed, and I must have mentioned him I'm a visitor. Judging by my look, he deduced I'm an Eastern European and mentioned he "guessed" that by my accent. WELL, I do NOT have Eastern-European accent AT ALL when speaking English, and I've been told by some native speakers that I actually have a very good English with a fine RP accent. That must have been the moment of intrigue.That was probably how he got me to stay there and talk, among the other casual and friendly things.

Leicester Square, London
Later I learned that this guy was not single and was not looking for anyone. He was the owner of a dating website and a sort of counsellor in dating matters, teaching men how to stop females in the street and talk to them. He was just practicing and testing. It worked with me, although I was angered by someone who had stopped me in the street only moments before this! I don't remember all that he said and how, but he managed to keep me there for 15-20 minutes. Really cool, decent guy.

We suddenly started talking about gender roles and the way feminism managed to ruin both men and women. He was just as surprised as myself to have found a person with similar views. I can tell I am very glad to see there are men who still recognise and believe in and support their gender identity, without overdoing it (check the retrosexual type). That is, without male terribilism.


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