1 October 2013

Sure I knew they would chisel it to the point of perfection (hello, we've been waiting it until 1 October!), but I did not expect a trailer which would have a *GASP* moment at every 2 seconds! I couldn't process the whole amount of information from the start - this trailer is an overdose!

Disturbingly cold day in my side of Europe. It gets nicer though, it brings about a scent of Christmas,. and Christmas is the time for these lovely films, isn't it? It's the first day of October though. Midday, forgetting about work tasks and pouring a cup of strong beverage. Waiting. 04:00 p.m. precisely - here comes the trailer!! Fandom, your time has come, once again!

It starts with a fake-sounding Bilbo voice trying to deal with the dragon. I can already hear all the excitement coming from the Sherlock fandom, as we are clearly about to witness some fine John/Bilbo and Sherlock/Smaug moments. Are we going to hear the voice, anyway? The big 'spoiler'? Smaug's voice? (= Benedict Cumberbatch)

Next: Thorin's known line about reclaiming his homeland, followed by Thranduil's shocking declaration: "I offer you my help". Wait, that can't be, no. This must be out of context. They're playing with us. Thranduil would never say that in reply to that! No no no... Coming quick (and another gasp) - Thorin in armour! Spoiiileerrrrr! Did we really see that, did we...?

Bard: "There is no king under the mountain, nor will there ever be." Another line to star a flame! Seriously, Bard? what sort of trolling is this? Have you skipped the Middle-Earth history classes in school or what? There were plenty of kings under the mountain, and everyone knows that. Are you Middle-Earth's chief ignorant or what? You surely beat even Thranduil himself with that. The fact that the place is vacant now doesn't mean that it's always been Dwarf-less.

Thranduil to Tauriel: "Legolas has grown very fond of you..." *gasp* Ooooh, now that's a spoiler! I can't believe they actually revealed it in the trailer! There have been so many speculations about the Kili/Tauriel and Thranduil/Tauriel pairings, all in vain! Look where the romance is in fact! Uh-oh... I just cannot believe the spoilers this trailer is delivering... (and only 50 seconds covered so far)

Bard:"You have no right to enter that mountain", says troll Bard again. To Thorin. He had some sort of bad childhood I believe. Or maybe he just really doesn't have a clue about Dwarves and he's never seen one, or ever known how one of them looks. Behold his new terrible line... to which Thorin replies, righteously: "I have the only right." Gotta love his composure when saying that, his condescended look and sarcastically 'almost whispered' voice. Nice! Please, Thorin, shove the truth in that ignorant's face.

*gasp* Army of orcs marching towards the battle field... bone chilling moment. Isn't it a bit early for that?

Sauron's eye for 1 second on the screen. It has got everything, really!

Sneaky Bilbo... "I found something in the goblin tunnel", he tells Gandalf, thinking about the ring. Suddenly he changes his mind and continues with "My courage..." Oh you little treacherous one!! It's humorous to see the next line Gandalf delivers, though.

Bard again (!), spilling his rage and hate towards Thorin, yelling from the bottom of his lungs about how "he cannot see beyond his own desire!" ...and no, things don't stop here. We are served with a beautifully acted and directed scene of how Thorin has a "respect my authority!!" moment, in which he clearly shows Bilbo, using the sword, that he cannot go into the treasure room. His treasure room. Gasping at Thorin's drastic, unexpected move. Ok, now you go and see the rest. It's crazy. We are living times of legend, like we knew we did 10 years ago. In fact, that time we couldn't really see the greatness of these films, I think...

Oh, did I mention Smaug's voice in the end, a total premiere?...

Watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer 2 below:


  1. I wonder if Thranduil's caution to Tauriel is a red herring and it's Kili after all? Could he be getting it wrong? Her facial expression was odd when she heard the words.

    1. I'm glad you said that. I was actually thinking about it after I thought more about this trailer. Much of the dialogue here is not as it will be in the film, but is put in such manner so that it surprises the audience. For example, I think Thranduil's "I offer you my help" is said in relation to something waaay different than in the trailer! So, back to Tauriel... indeed that could be a distraction. If she seems interested in Legolas, it doesn't mean that the reality can't be different and that she can't be interested in Kili! Oh, this is going to be exciting!