13 September 2015

Footage of a Muslim man in the UK asking a woman to take her feet off a train seat has recently become viral. We don't get the whole incident, but there's some strange talk involving religion, which really makes no sense here. The issue is clear - she put her feet up on a seat and he wants seats to be clean.

Now what's so scandalous about it? Yeah, that's fair enough, it's a mostly Christian country and she doesn't care about whatever he has to say about Islam. True, I wholeheartedly agree. But that's not the issue here...

However, commentators are enraged, like at the press of a button. It's the same brainwashed person talk: "Muslim scum, who are they to dictate us the rules, I don't care about your religion, look what they're doing to us bla bla bla". In fact, they completely invert the whole situation. The Muslim man was actually defending nothing but the British etiquette... and the common sense.

Putting your feet up in public transport is:
  • rude
  • non-hygienic
  • inconsiderate
  • arrogant
  • an attitude of superiority ("It's my comfort that matters, not your clothes or health")
  • definitely not Christian
This lass who's presenting herself as Christian is actually proving how non-Christian she is. Christians think of others and try to see themselves as equal to everyone else. They wouldn't out their sirty shoes up to leave germs and mud on a seat.

Besides, those seats belong to everyone. It's incredibly inconsiderate and even abusive to make them dirty. The cushion doesn't let one see whether there's dirt or not. Now, people who wear either dark or very light clothes will have their garments stained... and that may compromise their image, their careers etc. Don't believe it? Try have a PR or front desk/hosting job in London. Get to know its standards. I bet you will never want a speck on your clothes.

So there it is. The hysteria is working just fine, every time. Get a Muslim who's actually right (he had a legitimate complaint to start with) point out a rude fact in a Western country... and watch the brainwashed roar in defense of the real law breaker (the woman).

Yes, she was in the wrong. any white Christian with some common sense would tell her to put her feet down. The police is probably doing the game of political correctness. After all, we have to do something about all these immigrants (but that's a wholly different story).

Common sense, common etiquette and especially British etiquette tells you not to leave dust, mud, piss, poo, vomit and all the kinds of germs that your shoes collect on a train/tube/bus seat that's supposed to be clean, on which other people will sit. It's inconsiderate, rude and abusive.


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