27 September 2015

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Whenever an atheist meets a believer, there is usually a confrontation. In the vast majority of cases, it's the atheist who's very intrigued and bothered with the believer's existence and doesn't hesitate to ask for a proof that God is real.

Every believer is different and will give you a different explanation. Some may not even be able to put it into words, because God simply is there, in everything they perceive. The design of the world, its intelligence are simply God to them. Some will go into philosophy, others into psychology and esoteric knowledge. Because the "belief experience" is so personal, it's hard to come up with a universal explanation to be used by all spiritual humans.

However, in one such conversation, the atheist gets to bring a certain solid proof. It's the proof that their path is wring and horrible. What do you see the atheist doing? Arguing, being offensive, insulting, attacking, taking a superior and condescending position, throwing false arguments (blatant lies, fake history and science etc.) to destabilise the believer. It is impossible to have a rational conversation when one has the position of the atheist. All the hate he spills, all the insults and lies represent a very solid proof that atheism is evil, ignorant and most hateful towards the rest of the human species.

After all, it's atheism that has led to the most murders and wars in history. It is impossible for a believer to be violent or start a war, since most religions tell not to kill or do any harm. Therefore, by logical conclusion, anyone doing so (even in the name of religion or God) is in fact not a believer and does not obey to the chosen spiritual doctrine.

Crusades? Religious wars? As just proven, those who start those, no matter what they declare, do not stand in line with their religion. In other words, they adopted the atheist stance. How so? Well, when you're an atheist, you don't have to pay attention to a god who tells you not to kill. Thus, it's the atheist influence that leads a believer to kill or do other terrible acts.

Many say how Hitler was a Christian. Was he? Posing as a Christian or supporting it in your country, so that the masses don't revolt against you doesn't make you a Christian. Did he obey to any of the Christian rules? No. Did he represent any of the Christian virtues? No. Then why consider him a Christian?

Atheists don't ask for proof of god because they want to find it. Whenever the believer starts explaining, they close their eyes and cover their ears. Always. They refuse it from the start, because they've already taken the decision: "I won't believe. I can't believe. I don't want to believe". Also, it's not actually about believing, but about seeing, observing and understanding... but that's too complicated for the simple, primitive, animal-state atheist mind (any atheist reading this part would be totally raging and definitely not trying to analyse and understand it). The atheist fears that he may go beyond his comfortable present position. He doesn't want to evolve, to think of complicated things and explore. He fears those who are different, because their horizon may be a broader one. This is why he rejects a truly rational fight, a true exploration of the universe; he jumps to hating and insulting because he feels the terrible urge to crush the different person, the believer. It's been proven far too many times. Atheist regimes have imprisoned and killed believers for what they were, for the threat they posed. Not much tolerance, nor love here.


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